Cocktail Syrups

  1. Funkin 36cl Oleo Saccharum
    Funkin 36cl Oleo Saccharum
    From £4.50
  2. Bubble Gum Cocktail Syrup
    Bubble Gum Cocktail Syrup
    From £4.75
  3. Buy sugar cane cocktail syrup
    Sugar Cane Cocktail Syrup
    From £4.90
  4. Buy vanilla cocktail syrup
    Vanilla Cocktail Syrup
    From £4.90
  5. Buy passion fruit cocktail syrup
    Passion Fruit Cocktail Syrup
    From £4.90
  6. Buy grenadine cocktail syrup
    Grenadine Cocktail Syrup
    From £5.00
  7. Buy rhubarb cocktail syrup
    Rhubarb Cocktail Syrup
    From £4.35

Funkin's innovative fruit syrups give you the chance to craft professional cocktails the easy way. Get creative and discover a whole new world of unique, great tasting cocktails which are both refreshing and flavoursome - whether at home or at the bar.

While our cocktail syrups add a uniquely fresh punch to your alcoholic drinks, you don’t have to limit them to your homemade cocktails. You can also mix our ingredients, such as fresh fruit purees, with wine, spirits, juices, other soft drinks and even desserts to create completely original flavour combinations.

For lazier days, you can also use our convenient range of pre-mixed cocktails to sit back and relax for a well-earned cocktail moment.