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If life gives you limes, make Margarita!

The margarita is making a comeback, with a range of twists seeing this classic reinvented for the modern bar.

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New Years Eve cocktails

Wherever you are celebrating the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, chances are you will be entering the new year with a glass of something in your hand. With Auld Lang Syne blaring out the boombox it would be rude not celebrate in style. It’s not a recent tradition either. In fact, it’s a really, really old one. Rumour has it, Julius Caesar celebrated the Vernal Equinox with the roman equivalent of a glass of champagne. 



As you can imagine, Champagne is the drink of choice on New Years Eve. This year, perhaps more than most recently, it’s important to include sparkling serves on your New Year's Eve cocktail menus. According to CGA’s Q4 quarterly mixed drinks report, Spritz serves are now in the top 10 most popular cocktail styles, growing 1.2pp. Similarly, ‘fizzy’ cocktails are an increasingly popular taste profile amongst consumers, growing 4pp to 31%.


With the big day under two weeks away, we’ve decided to put together some of our favourite ‘sparkling serves’. 


Snow Spiked Stiletto

Find the recipe to the Snow Spiked Stiletto HERE


Peach Bellini

Find the recipe to our Peach Bellini HERE


Peachy Port on a snowy porch

Find the recipe to Peachy Port on a snowy porch HERE


Sparkling Reunion

Find the Sparkling Reunion recipe HERE

For more information cocktail inspiration, visit our recipes page HERE.

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A year at Funkin

It’s been a landmark year at Funkin. We left our teens behind and officially became 20 years old. We’ve added to our core range, dived deeper into grocery and continued to expand on an international scale. As we’re a nostalgic bunch, we thought we’d take a look back at 2019 and also give you a little heads up on our 2020 plans. 


We kicked off our events calendar for the year at Manchester's Northern Restaurant & Bar show showcasing our on-tap cocktails.  It’s safe to say we were fairly popular…

We pulled out the showstopper at Imbibe with a stand showcasing our full product range and how we have evolved over the past 20 years. Just in case you aren’t aware of how our product range has evolved over the past two decades, we’ve highlighted it below. 

On an international scale, Aiste, our Brand Ambassador, and Carl, our Export Manager, have been busy flying across Europe attending various trade shows. Their recent trip to the Athens Bar Show was especially tough. Imagine having to escape the British winter and head to Athens...tough work. 


We haven’t slowed down on the innovation side of the business either, launching the UKs first range of Nitro infused cocktails, Watermelon cocktail mix for the on-trade, Bubblegum syrup, Prickly Pear puree and more! 

Innovation Champion

Somehow, we still managed to fit in time to crown our 2019 Innovation Champion, Alexandra Ulijaszek-Scott. Find out more about her winning cocktails HERE.

As for next year, it will be more of the same. Events, innovation and general brilliance from usual

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Mindful drinking statistics

It’s the end of a long, tiring year and all you want to do is indulge and relax with family and friends, safe in the knowledge that your annual January cleanse is just around the corner. Sound familiar? This was the view of over 4.2 million people who took part in Dry January in 2019. With a record number of sign-ups for the 2020 event, we’ve taken a look at some of the statistics behind the growth of Dry January and the wider no & low trend that’s got the drinks industry talking. 


  • The value of no & low alcohol to the beers, wine and spirits industry is now over £116.6 million
  • There has been growth of over £22.4 million in the low & no category in the last year
  • Only 2% of consumers who drank low & no in the last 12 months were previously teetotal
  • 20.4% of Brits now claim to be teetotal, including 22.6% of women and 18.1% of men
  • ⅖ of 18-24-year-olds are actively trying to moderate their alcohol consumption
  • ⅓ of all of the UK’s teetotallers come from females over the age of 55
  • One in six (17%) has bought mocktails or low-alcohol cocktails—equating to some 8 million consumers - a far more significant number
  • 55% of consumers believe that mocktails taste the same or even better than their alcoholic counterparts
  • ¾ of consumers expect mocktails to be cheaper than regular cocktails


The growing no & low market within the drinks industry has made it impossible for bars to ignore Dry January. Stryyk, who produce the non-alcoholic alternatives to Rum, Vodka, and Gin, have partnered up with 25 bars across London offering drink incentives and bespoke serves using their products. It’s not just small independents who are acting on the growth. Stryyk have announced that The Alchemist are running a bespoke Dry January menu with Stryyk as the only non-alcoholic spirit listed. 


If you are interested in learning more about Stryyk’s ‘Trail’ then follow the link HERE


In the meantime, take a look at some of their hero serves below. 


If you are interested in learning more about Stryyk or listing their products, email



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