Want a chance to win £1000 a trip to Bar Convent Berlin and a freelance contract with us for one year all worth up to £5000?

Then you need to enter the FUNKIN Innovation Champion 2019 

To enter, bartenders must create an original FUNKIN cocktail, taking inspiration from the 1990s, the decade when FUNKIN COCKTAILS was launched. 

As well as the overall prize, we are giving you the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry whilst raising your profile in the trade media.  

Those lucky enough to make it through to the final on Tuesday 10th September will receive a bespoke day-long creative session at Crucible in London. Crucible director, Stuart Bale, along with his team of experts will lead the session, enabling finalists to learn, experiment and challenge themselves to create outstanding cocktails.

The cocktail can be complex or simple, however it should be easy to replicate. It must feature one FUNKIN PRO Purée and FUNKIN PRO Cocktail Syrup with a minimum of 25ml of purée. For a list of available products, bartenders can visit funkincocktails.co.uk. Entrants are required to explain where they took their inspiration from and why they believe their cocktail will be a best-seller in 200 words or less.

Entry Form