Pornstar Martini Recipe

Photo of Passionfruit Martini Cocktail

Passionfruit Martini Cocktail

Douglas Ankrah, of The Townhouse in Knightsbridge, first called this drink the Maverick Martini, named after a dodgy club in Cape Town. The drink itself was first made using our very own Funkin Pro Passion Fruit Puree. The name by which we know it today is apparently down to the usage of passion fruit in the cocktail (or as we prefer because of the amount of passion Douglas Ankrah put into this cocktail), which you are meant to eat first, before drinking the Prosecco and lastly enjoying the fruity martini. Ankrah went on to found the great LAB bar, which is now often associated with this deliciously lavish cocktail.
Pour your preferred Vanilla Vodka, Passion Fruit Liqeur, Passion Fruit Puree and Syrup into your Boston Shaker with plenty of ice and shake until the shaker feels ice cold. 
Strain into a Martini Glass and garnish with half a passion fruit and a shot glass of Prosecco on the side.
Did you know:  
To celebrate the 15th birthday party of Dougla Ankrah’s LAB bar we created a world record sized Pornstar Martini with 70 litres of vanilla, passion fruit and vodka. That’s a lot of passion

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