Bubblegum Gin & Tonic

Photo of Bubblegum Cocktail Recipe

Bubblegum Cocktail Recipe

We’ve all been in a gin bubble before, but what about a Bubblegin? This fun pink cocktail combines two of our favourite things - bubblegum and gin! Super sweet, super fun, and super easy to make, this is one of our absolute favourite easy at home cocktails. We like to up the fruitiness with pink gin, our favourites are Pinkster Gin and Realm of the Unicorn Gin, but you can use any gin you have at home - it just might not be quite as good.


(if you like it super-sweet, up  the bubblegum syrup to 50ml)


  • Mix your favourite pink gin and bubblegum syrup in a cocktail shaker with plenty of ice
  • Shake until ice cold (but not so much you break up all the ice)
  • Pour into a chilled glass
  • Top with as much lemonade as you like


Garnish with a strawberry rolled in sugar (to make the sugar stick, dip in sugar syrup and then roll in sugar)

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