London Fashion Week 2015: Q&A with designer Cleo Ferin Mercury

Earlier this Summer, Funkin Cockails teamed up with London Scarf Designer, Cleo Ferin Mercury, to produce a limited edition fruit print silk scarf. We caught up with her at London Fashion Week to ask her a few questions about cocktails, party tricks, scarves and surviving London Fashion Week!

When did you make your first scarf?

I made my first scarves for my graduation show at Uni in 2009!

Why did you start making scarves?

I started making scarves because I love the format for designing, it is more like approaching a painting canvas than a piece of clothing, which I really liked.

What’s your favourite way to wear a scarf?

I wear scarves every day, so I have not only one, but a few favourite ways! I love wearing a medium square scarf in my hair tied as a turban in Summer, it is chic and keeps you cool too when it is too hot and sunny! I also wear my small square scarves a lot folded into triangles and tied into a little knot at the front, very simple. The necklace is also a favourite, perfect to change a work outfit into something a little nicer to go out in the evening!

What’s your favourite colour?


What’s your favourite fruit?


What’s your favourite cocktail?


What’s your favourite bar in London?

I love Zedel’s in Picadilly Circus, and Hoi Polloi at the Ace Hotel in East London.

What’s your favourite bar in Paris?

I love the ‘Comptoir General’ - it’s by the canal and the decor is beautiful. I love Chéri too, near Belleville.

What’s your favourite club night?

I love Coney Island and Sink the Pink at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, both nights are always really fun!

What’s your favourite band/musician?

I am really into Major LazerMac DeMarco and the Severed Limb at the moment, but I also listen to a lot of vintage music.

Do you have any favourite designs?

Oh yes! I have a few scarves I cannot live without, such as our S/S15 mermaid scarf in light blues, S/S14 Pinneapple and Ukulele scarf, and my gold jaguar scarf! I just wear them all the time!!

Do any celebrities wear your scarves?

We have been told that Kate Moss has one and we have also spotted the super-cool chef Gizzi Erskine wearing them!

Do you have a party trick?

I'm quite a good hula-hooper, I can also play the ukulele (I often incoporate ukulele motifs into my designs, it's one of my favoruite instruments!).

Do you own any fruity accessories?

Yes, but not enough! I own a very pretty pineapple clutch bag by Charlotte Olympia, a pineapple Skinnydip iphone case and a few pairs of fruity earrings and bangles.

Do you own any fruit homewears?

Yes! I have a collection of vintage ice cube buckets shaped as fruits, I have the pineapple, the peach and the apple! I also have some vintage painted plates which feature fruit designs!

Do you have any tips for surviving London Fashion Week?

Wear comfortable shoes and drink plenty of water. London Fashion Week is really exciting, but it is also very hard work and it's important to eat well and stay hydrated!

What’s next for Cleo Ferin Mercury?

Last week we were at New York Fashion Week, this week we're in London Fashion Week and then we will go to Paris Fashion Week... it's a busy time of the year for us as we meet with lots of press and buyers to show them our new collection! In a few weeks I will start designing my next A/W collection.

Thanks Cleo! Good luck with the rest of London Fashion Week!

Image: courtesy of Ashanti Jason

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