Rum Cocktails

Dirty Banana

The most famous banana cocktail - the Dirty Banana! A great cocktail to mix up at home this summer!

Mango Daiquiri

A summer essential - the Mango Daiquiri balances sweet refreshing tropical fruit flavours and white rum...Yum!

Spiced Rum Punch

Get a bowl or your biggest jug at the ready and enjoy the tropical tastes of this rum filled punch.

Valencian Hot Toddy

Spicy and citrussy, a Hot Toddy is the perfect drink to wash away any cold weather blues!

Stone Faced Zombie Punch

Nothing brings a Halloween party to life like a spooky punch bowl! If you like Zombie cocktails, you’re going to love this...

Negroni Recipe

One of the top cocktails around, the Negroni is the perfect mix of gin, vermouth and Campari. It really is as simple as that!

Guava Daiquiri

Go bold and surprise guests with the Guava Daiquiri, this tasty lesser known fruit is the perfect accompaniment for the rum-based Daiquiri cocktail. A real tropical twist.

Mai Tai Recipe

You know when summer has arrived? When we get the Mai Tais out! Enjoy holiday vibes at home with our nostalgia inducing Mai Tai cocktail recipe...

Daiquiri Recipe

Classic, citrusy and finished with a sweet rum finish - the unmistakable taste of a Daiquiri. Who can stop at just one?

Zombie Recipe

Fruit, boozy and oh so tasty - the zombie cocktail is a must-have mix for relaxing in the sun and for a boozy evening treat