Funkin Innovation Lab London - Shaun Hall's take

The third series of Funkin Cocktails and Crucible’s immersive Innovation Lab presents industry staff with the opportunity to develop scientific knowledge and apply it to the development of drinks.

The initial Innovation Lab session, held at Resident of Paradise Row in London, began with the scientifically minded Rome de Wit of Crucible delivering an informative presentation on carbonation. Romeo conveyed the key facts and features of carbonation, regarding primary states of matter and how we can manipulate them to add complexity to cocktails.

Romeo illustrated how different gases produce unique results when carbonating cocktails, serving guests with a ridiculously tasty ‘Cherry Cream Soda’ filled with nostalgic flavours.

Rosey Mitchell from Three Sheets continued to demonstrate the benefit of adding carbonation to mixed drinks, using a modernised French 75 with Funkin’ Rhubarb syrup to convey her process in creating carbonated beverages; Rosey’s ‘Funkin 75’ was a fully balanced, fruity delight and seemed to go down well with everyone who was lucky enough to taste it.

Following carbonation, Romeo and Crucible founder Stu Bale highlighted the importance of sugars in mixed drinks. Furthermore, the different sugars used in food production were translated to cocktails, informing guests with crucial knowledge for selecting the correct sugar to balance chosen ingredients.

The session subsequently flowed into the balancing of sweetness, with Romeo, Rosey and Stu all contributing towards the importance of selecting a suitable acidifier for mixed drinks. Romeo proposed a sustainable approach to this which also benefits the consistency and refinement of cocktails. Rosey served her ‘Whiskey Highball’, balancing different acids and flavours to produce a light, refreshing expression of the classic drink.

Finally, the session ended in attendees experimenting with these newly learned methods; this enabled the guests to return to their places of work filled with insight and inspiration to diversify their approach to developing cocktails.

Shaun Hall, Funkin Innovation Champion 2018

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