Funkin Cocktails at Home - 15% OFF

Being stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with Funkin, our great tasting cocktails can be enjoyed everywhere - from your back garden to your sofa! And, we’re also giving all of you lovely customers 15% off on our Party Packs, Big Packs, Cocktail Kits and Promo Bundles, so you can get that Funkin feeling wherever, even if you’re self isolating.Simply pop in the code Funkin Offer section and choose your favourite promo*.

Here at Funkin we know that the best way to enjoy your favourite cocktails is with friends. Don’t let the country being on lockdown stop you though, it’s time to be inventive with your cocktail party nights! 


Ways to enjoy Funkin at home:

1. Video call house party

Get your nearest and dearest on a video call and crack open a can together, for an evening of cocktails and giggles - just like being at a bar! Our ready to drink cans and bottles are the perfect accompaniment to your virtual house party - simply pop open the top, pour in your favourite glass and you’re ready to go.

Discover your favourite flavour from our range of ready to drink cans.

2. Virtual cocktail challenges

Always wanted to try your hand at being a mixologist? Now’s the perfect time to hone your skills! Our bundles and party packs have everything you need to create your very own cocktails at home - simply mix with your favourite spirit. 

Why not make it a little more interesting and challenge your friends to a mix off? Each buy a bundle and video yourselves making tasty cocktails from scratch. Or, if you’re feeling really inventive, head over to our cocktail recipes page for some inspo. 

We offer a full range of party packs for you to test your skills with. 

 3. Pretend you’re on holiday

The warm weather is right around the corner, and we’re all itching to sit on our patios with our favourite cocktail in our hand. Why not go one step further and turn your back garden into your own tropical paradise? 

Ok, maybe you won’t have someone bringing you your favourite cocktails, but you can have the next best thing… Funkin cocktail mixers. Our range of mixer shakers and cartons come in 400ml and 1l options - that’s up to 10 fruity cocktails! Just add a splash of your favourite spirit and you’re ready for your home-vacay. 

 4. Get baking!

Our fruity purees aren’t just delicious in cocktails, you can also use these tasty additions in cakes and desserts. Our purees are all made with lovely fresh fruit, with absolutely no nasties - making them a great addition to your bakes. 

We have a range of 23 fruity flavours for you to try, so whether you’re creating a banoffee surprise or a strawberry sensation - we’ve got you covered. 

Find your favourite flavour from our range of fruit purees

5. Family slushies

Our purees aren’t just great for adults. With the weather heating up, why not create slushies for the whole family using our fruit purees and ice? Simply throw your favourite puree in a blender with a generous handful of ice, blitz away for a yummy fruit slushie the whole family will love.

If you’re feeling fancy, add a hint of your favourite spirit to your own slushie (just remember to keep the kid’s alcohol free!)


Whatever you’re doing with your Funkin Cocktails at home, we love seeing your creations on social media! Share your cocktails, cakes and more using the hashtag #BestServedEverywhere. 

Love, Team Funkin x

*Discount codes not applicable. Over 18s only. 

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