Five Ways To Pimp your Prosecco

You know that feeling when you are drinking Prosecco and you think "This needs a little extra something"?! We know how it feels, which is why we have made some amazing products which will make your Prosecco a little more fun!

Peach Bellini: To give your Prosecco a peach twist, combine 100ml of Prosecco with 30ml of Funkin Peach Puree. Serve in a champagne flute and gently stir.

Porn Star Martini: This classic cocktail is a favourite in the Funkin offices; the Procecco might be served on the side, but it's still an important part of the Porn Star Martini! To make this cocktail, combine 40ml of vanilla vodka with 20ml of passion fruit liqueur, 30ml of Funkin Passion Fruit puree and 10ml of Vanilla Syrup. Shake and strain into a martini glass and serve with a 50ml shot of Prosecco.

Raspberry & Mint Bellini: To make this fresh and fruity Bellini combine 100ml of Prosecco with 50ml of Funkin Raspberry Mojito Mix. Serve in a Champagne flute and gently stir.

Blueberry Bellini: This Bellini is a bit of s visual show-stopper, as it comes out a beautiful dark blue/ purple colour! Just combine 25ml Funkin Blueberry Purée with 100ml Prosecco. Serve in a champagne flute and gently stir.

PS. If your fizz is sparkling wine or champagne, just substitute the Prosecco and the recipes will work just as well!


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