Five Things We Love About Bob Bob Ricard

We love visiting unique and exciting bars and restaurants. Soho’s iconic Bob Bob Ricard certainly fits into that category and though Team Funkin has visited a few times now, it’s still somewhere we get giddy with excitement about!

If you've never been to Bob Bob Ricard, you should definitely consider booking a table for an evening of Russian themed indulgence! There are many reasons we love this landmark bar and restaurant, but we don’t want to spoil all the surprises, so here are our top five:

‘Press For Champagne’

Not even kidding, every single table at Bob Bob Ricard has a ‘Press For Champagne’ button! One quick press and over your waiter will come...brilliant right?! It’s practical, fabulous and impossible to visit without pressing the button at least one time and posting a photo of it to Instagram! They pour more champagne here than any other restaurant in would be rude not to join in.

Vodka shots chilled to -18°C

We promise, there is food at Bob Bob Ricards, but as well as champagne, this restaurant is also famed for it’s liquid starters. That’s right - they serve platinum vodka shots chilled to -18°C. This vodka has been distilled a minimum of four times; it’s served ice cold and it’s smooth and herbal without the nasty burn you might expect.

Bar Goals

The award winning décor at Bob Bob Ricard takes inspiration from the Orient Express and the golden age of travel. It is designed by David Collins and regarded as his most flamboyant and decadent creation to date. Along with the ‘Press For Champagne’ buttons you will also find lots of marble, ornate metal work, mahogany booths and working fireplaces. The cocktail bars are also a spectacle! FYI, the cocktails there are phenomenal.

The Food

Bob Bob Ricard have set the bar pretty high when it comes to service and alcohol, but thankfully, the food is just as fabulous as everything else. Imagine a mix of British and Russian opulent comfort food: lots of steak, Champagne pies, venison steak tartare, lobster macaroni cheese. As for the sides, think minted peas, French fries, truffle mash and spring vegetables cooked dripping with honey and thyme…amazing!

The Dessert

Desert is the final treat of the evening! Think gourmet eton mess, sour cherry soufflé, sorbet served with vodka and their signature chocolate glory. If you can imagine a ball of chocolate filled with mousse and berries and then hot melted chocolate is poured over it at the time of serving to melt the ball of chocolate and reveal the berries and mousse! Amazing!

Happy dining!

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