Celebrate Galentine's 2021 with Funkin

It’s time to celebrate, girls! 

It’s February, which means Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. But not everything this month is about hearts, roses and other halves! It’s the season of love, and who better to dote on than your gals? We’re not saying you shouldn’t still shower your partner with a little love, but the 13th is for the ladies! 

We’ve pulled together all you need to know about our favourite new holiday, as well as rounding up some great ideas for celebrating and some gift ideas for lovin’ up on your ladies!

It may be a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get together (virtually of course) with your besties and celebrate with your best ladies! 


What is Galentine’s Day? 

Ok, ok, so Galentine’s Day may not be an ‘official’ holiday (it’s only been around for 10 years, give it time..) but in a world where we can celebrate anything from ‘International Chocolate Cake Day’ to ‘Organise Your Home Day’, a day celebrating your favourite girlfriends is definitely one for your diary!

With February being the month of love, why should our other halves get all the glory?  Galentine’s is Valentine’s Day’s best friend, and is for exactly that - a day for celebrating with your best friends and showering them with love and attention...more than you already do.


When is it? 

Galentine’s Day is celebrated on the 13th February, one day before Valentine’s, which falls on a Saturday this year. The perfect excuse for a few drinks and reminiscing with your favourite girls. 


History of Galentine’s Day

Galentine’s Day actually originated from the TV show Parks and Recreation, of all places. In 2010 an episode aired called “Galentine’s Day” where Leslie, from the show, states that “every February 13, my lady friends and I leave our husbands and our boyfriends at home, and we just come and kick it, breakfast-style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It’s like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus frittatas.”

Since then Galentine’s Day has risen in popularity year after year - next year we imagine it’ll be bigger than Valentine’s! Ok, maybe not, but it’s definitely a key date in our diary. With more and more people celebrating, it’s a great time to plan your day.

So, like Destiny’s Child told us...Ladies’ leave your man at home, it’s time to celebrate with your girls!


Things to do this Galentine’s

Much like most things around this time, Galentine’s is going to be a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean you have to cancel! 

We love Galentine’s! We’re celebrating Galentine’s on the 13th February over on our Instagram page, with fun live events, recipes and updates happening throughout the day. Keeping checking back on the day for more updates. Here are some top activities you won’t want to miss on the day:


1. Win a Funkin Galentine’s Gift Box

Nothing says celebration like a giveaway, and we’re treating our lucky followers to a giveaway you won’t want to miss this Galentines this year.

We've partnered with some of our favourite brands to bring you the ultimate gift box to ensure you have the perfect, girly night in. Expect goodies from Sleep Smug, The Conscious Candy Company, Mallow And Marsh and of course, plenty of Funkin!

Head over to our instagram page for more information on how to enter.


2. Start the Day with a Yoga Flow

Scarlett Woodford, creator of Look Closer Yoga, will be kicking off the celebration with a live yoga session between 9am and 10am on IGTV, over on the Funkin instagram page. Login and join us for a mini morning flow to set you up for the day ahead. 

The Funkin Galentine’s IGTV will be a grounding & nourishing slow flow. Practise alone or virtually alongside your girlies; just come to the mat with an open mind & heart.

Scarlett is a Yoga Instructor based in London. She teaches Vinyasa (movement linked with breath - can get a little sweaty!) and Yin yoga (deep, still stretches held for minutes at a time). Scarlett is fascinated by all things movement; her classes focus on mobility and strength for the long term, alongside the traditional yoga flow. Fascinated by everything from body anatomy to astrology, from neurology to holistic healing & herbs, Scarlett uses her growing knowledge and personal mantra, ‘look closer’ to inform her classes. 


3. Join the Funkin Galentine’s Insta Party

Then, into the evening…At 7pm we’re hosting a stay at home dance party you and your friends can log into. With a live DJ set hosted by DJ Yuki, one of the most sought after, international female DJs around. Yuki Love has DJ’d for the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Ariana Grande, Eva Longoria, and Simon Cowell to name a few.

She has been the warmup DJ for Craig David, performed on the Club MTV Dance Tour, Clubland TV, Monaco Grand Prix, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and have DJ’d to a crowd of over 1 million people as the opening act at London Pride. Also under her belt, she has DJ’d for fashion and make-up brands such as Fenty, Charlotte Tilbury, Eylure, ASOS to name a few.


4. Galetines Cocktail masterclass with Aiste

Our resident mixologist Aiste will also be posting cocktail recipes for you to follow along with at home. She mostly enjoys sipping on a sharp and refreshing spritz and learned the craft of mixing by working in some of London’s and Ireland's best bars (like Happiness Forgets group and the 5*Merchant Hotel). Making bar-quality cocktails simply and conveniently accessible to all is a major passion of hers.  


5. Get the party-ready with our bundles

Nights out with the girls always start with getting ready together, and your virtual party shouldn’t be any different. Pop open a cheeky cocktail, and start your video chats with your getting ready routine. When you’re all feeling suitably fancy, get the party started over on our Insta! 

We’ve made it easy for you to enjoy great tasting cocktails with our Galentine’s cocktail bundles!


The #BossBabes Party Pack is the perfect cocktail set to celebrate with Friends on the Galantines Saturday night. 

This pack includes: 

2 Espresso Martini Nitro Cans: the iconic stylish cocktail that brings to life those girls nights out.

1 Strawberry Daiquiri 60cl Bottle: fruity and sweet, as we love our cocktails.

2 Passion Fruit Martini Nitro Cans: the nation's favourite can't missed for a night in with the girls. 

2 Peach Bellinis Sparkling Cans: the perfect drink to add a little cheer.



The Gals night in Party Pack is the perfect cocktail set to celebrate with Friends on the Galantines Saturday night. 

This pack includes: 

2 Strawberry Daiquiri Nitro Cans: fruity and sweet, as we love cocktails.

1 Passion Fruit Martini 70cl Bottle: the nation's favourite can't miss out the night with the girls. 

2 Pina Coladas Nitro Cans: one of our best recipes, chosen as Great Taste awards 2020, and trust us, it tastes like holidays.

2 Peach Bellinis Sparkling Cans: the perfect drink to add a little cheer.



The Best in the City Party Pack, for those who have a bigger household, and can enjoy Saturday night with good pals.

This pack includes: 

1 Bramble Shaker

1 Zombie Mixer  

1 Passion Fruit Martini Mixer

1 Strawberry Woo Woo Mixer

4 Peach Bellini Sparkling Cans


Galentine’s gift ideas

Galentine’s day isn’t about spending money, it’s about spending time with your favourite people. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t treat them to a little something to show you how much you love (and miss) them. Our favourite picks for Galentine’s come in three groups: sweet treats, a bit of booze and of course flowers. 

Something for a sweet tooth

Chocolate is sooo 2020. Why not treat your friends to a little something different for the season of love? We’re absolutely loving Mallow and Marsh right now. Their tasty marshmallow treats are handmade in the UK using the best-quality ingredients, with no artificial colours or flavours. 


A cheeky cocktail

Nothing beats a cocktail with the girls, so if you’re looking to give them something you’re sure they’ll love, then a boozy treat from our selection of cocktail party packs and bundles, with 15% off, is perfect. 


Beautiful blooms

“I don’t want flowers in my home”...said no girl ever. Flowers are always a good idea, and with so many companies delivering straight to their door, it’s really easy to make your friend’s day with a bold bouquet for Galentine’s. Bloom & Wild are our absolute favourites, but give it a quick Google - there’s loads to choose from!


We’d love to know what you’re doing for Galentine’s this year - will you be joining us on the 13th for a virtual Funkin party? Whatever your day is filled with, make sure you share it with us on our Instagram or Facebook.

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