About Us

Funkin Cocktails are the market leading fruit purée and cocktail mixer brand. With over 20 years of experience working with and supplying some of the best bars and mixologist with our award-winning products, we know a thing or two about cocktails.

Aiste PFM

We are passionate about democratising cocktails and so for those that aren’t confident in making their cocktails from scratch just yet, we have our range of Shaker Packs, ready to drink Nitro Cocktails and Cocktails on Tap so that nobody has to miss out.

RTD Cans

Here at Funkin, we pride ourselves on the quality and consistency of our purées and mixers to ensure that great tasting cocktails are available to all. Fruit is at the heart of our business and so we only use the best to expertly blend our purées, syrups and pre-batched mixers - if it’s not amazing, it won’t be anywhere near our products.


So whether you are out with friends at the bar, socialising at home or even on your commute, Funkin Cocktails has the solution for you! Click here to shop our range.