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Vodka Cocktails

Vodka Cocktails 

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The long standing argument of whether vodka comes from Poland or Russia is yet to be settled, what we do know is vodka cocktails are some of our favourites. There are so many classic vodka based cocktails, such as the legendary Cosmopolitan, that it’s hard to decide which one to go for first. We’ve compiled a list of some classic vodka cocktails, as well as a few vodka variations on other classic cocktails. We’ve included some vodka cocktail recipes so you can have a go at making some of the most popular cocktails around yourself. Remember; Funkin cocktails are completed in 3 simple steps; Ice in, Spirit in, Funkin!

Vodka Mojito Cocktail

mojito mixerWhilst Mojitos are classically made with rum, you can do a vodka version that tastes just as yummy. These Cuban cocktails are light, refreshing and zingy – it’s everything you need for a little pick me up. With Mexico’s finest limes zinged together with the freshest of mint, it’s easy to see why Vodka Mojitos are a classic cocktail favourite. Vodka cocktails don’t come much better than this. You could even get the party started with our Mojito Party Pack – cocktails are best shared with friends!


Strawberry Woo Woo Cocktail

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When you blend together some scrumptious strawberries, delectable peaches and lemons, with just a dash of cranberry juice you get the party-ready Strawberry Woo Woo. It tastes just as pretty as it looks and it’s just dying to go with that Russian standard Vodka you have stored away in the drinks cabinet. You can learn how to make this simple vodka cocktail and enjoy one of the most popular cocktails on our site. Strawberry Woo Woos and you – it was meant to be.

Vodka Raspberry Mojito Cocktail

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If you combine all that classic Cuban flavouring of a normal Mojito and then add in some beautiful raspberries you have to be on to a winner. Drinking a Vodka Raspberry Mojito is like drinking summer; it’s refreshing, cooling and it leaves you feeling a little heady! This refreshing twist on a classic Cuban drink is as simple as adding our classic Mojito mixer with some fresh raspberries – now that’s Funkin simple. 


Vodka Hollywood Cocktail

Hollywood Cocktail

It’s just so pretty. Its regal purple colour, its berry-filled cocktail belly; it’s everything you could want and need in a cocktail. The Hollywood Vodka Cocktail is rather aptly made with the A-listers most sought after ingredients; acai berries, sweet raspberries and tart and tangy blueberries. It’s so fabulous it’s already becoming famous on our site as one of the most popular vodka cocktails around. Learn how to make this gorgeous vodka cocktail and give it a go yourself. You’ll be ready for your close up in no time.

Cosmopolitan Cocktail

cosmo cocktailIt’s too iconic for words – many a famous character has held this delicious vodka cocktail in their hand at some point or another, and you could be joining that long list of cocktail elite. The Cosmopolitan cocktail is made up of cranberries, orange and just a flirting of lime. It’s a good time in a glass, and you feel so sophisticated drinking it. Learn how to make this popular vodka cocktail and bring a bit of the city into your home. 



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