Cocktail Mixers

Funkin cocktail mixers are 100% natural, made with wholly fresh fruit to give your drinks an unforgettable flavour. Delicious, convenient and refreshing, our cocktail mixers are ideal whether you're a mixologist at home or at the bar. Available in a variety of sizes, you can enjoy Funkin cocktails any way you like - all you need to do is add alcohol! You could be at a festival, getting ready to go out or enjoying a few drinks in the garden – whatever your Funkin style, we’ve got the cocktail mixers for you.

Take a look around to find your next Funkin favourite (we're big fans of the Strawberry Daiquiri!). You can explore our range of fresh fruit purees and cocktail syrups for more great-tasting ingredients. Or, on those days when you're looking to simply kick back and drink without worrying about the mixing, you'll also find premixed cocktails on offer.