Cocktail Equipment

  1. Funkin Cocktail Jigger
    Funkin Cocktail Jigger
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  2. Cocktail squeeze bottles
    Squeeze Bottles
  3. Professional bar spoon
    Bar Spoon
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Once you’ve taken a look around our cocktail mixers, syrups and purees, you’re going to need some professional cocktail equipment to go with it.

Cocktail making is easy when you know how, and don’t forget they say a bad workman blames his or her tools, so have a browse through the cocktail equipment on offer from Funkin that you can use to make your homemade cocktails.

Whether you’re on the lookout for a cocktail shaker, pitcher jug or bar spoon, we’ve got the cocktail equipment to make your next home bar tending experience a cocktail making masterclass!