Cocktail Purées

  1. Buy pomegranate puree
    Pomegranate Purée
    From £11.80
  2. buy morello cherry puree
    Morello Cherry Purée
    From £10.20
  3. buy lychee puree
    Lychee Purée
    From £9.50
  4. Pineapple Purée
    Pineapple Purée
    From £10.10
  5. Buy  pure pour lemon
    Pure Pour Lemon
    From £7.40
  6. Raspberry Purée
    Raspberry Purée
    From £9.90
  7. White Peach Purée
    White Peach Purée
    From £7.70
  8. Mango Purée
    Mango Purée
    From £9.20
  9. Pink Guava Purée
    Pink Guava Purée
    Out of stock
  10. Pure Pour Lime
    Pure Pour Lime
    From £8.00
  11. Coconut Purée
    Coconut Purée
    From £11.80
  12. Strawberry Purée
    Strawberry Purée
    From £8.10

Our range of cocktail fruit purees are used in the best bars to create unique, great-tasting cocktails. With Funkin purees, you can also create fabulous cocktails at home. Get adventurous with flavours including Morello Cherry, Lychee, William Pear and more exotic choices to make your cocktails taste out-of-this-world.

We’ve scoured the globe to bring you the best ingredients and fruit purees, as well as fruit syrups and ready-made cocktail mixers – everything you need to get creative with your mixology. Then, when you're not in the mood for mixing up your own batch, you can sit back and relax with our delicious premixed cocktails (available in cans and bottles).