1. Buy pomegranate puree
    Pomegranate Purée
    From £11.80
  2. buy morello cherry puree
    Morello Cherry Purée
    From £10.20
  3. buy lychee puree
    Lychee Purée
    From £9.50
  4. Pineapple Purée
    Pineapple Purée
    From £10.10
  5. Buy  pure pour lemon
    Pure Pour Lemon
    From £7.40
  6. Raspberry Purée
    Raspberry Purée
    From £9.90
  7. White Peach Purée
    White Peach Purée
    From £7.70
  8. Mango Purée
    Mango Purée
    From £9.20
  9. Pink Guava Purée
    Pink Guava Purée
    Out of stock
  10. Pure Pour Lime
    Pure Pour Lime
    From £8.00
  11. Coconut Purée
    Coconut Purée
    From £11.80
  12. Strawberry Purée
    Strawberry Purée
    From £8.10

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Shake up your cocktails! From our range of fresh purees and fruit syrups to cocktail mixers, we've got everything you need to make bar-quality cocktails including sweet daiquiris, zesty mojitos and tropical passion fruit martinis. Whether mixing cocktails at the bar or at home, all you'll need to do is add spirit.

Our purees can be used to create unique and adventurous cocktail creations, while our syrups can add sweet or citric finishing touches. Whatever your hankering, you can get all your cocktail ingredients delivered directly to your door by Funkin Cocktails, including bar equipment from shakers to pitchers and bottles.

When you're not feeling up to mixing your very own cocktail batches, explore our mouth-watering range of pre-mixed cocktails including both bottles and cans. Then, if you're in search of something new to try, we've got plenty of inspiration in our cocktail recipes section. Hone your cocktail-making skills and become a bartending pro with Funkin!