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Go go Gavin

Living, breathing and serving up Funkin across the North of England is the Gavin. Always smiley and very talented, he’s the newest of our team of brand ambassadors. We grabbed him for a chat this week to discover which Funkin products he loves most, what new trends he’s spotted and his most memorable cocktail experiences. See what he had to say…


What was your background before taking this role at Funkin?

Directly before Funkin, I was General Manager at All Bar One, Sheffield. Before that, in no particular order, I got a degree in Architectural Technology, worked in many bars, including Browns in Leeds, where I worked my way up to Assistant Manager. I’ve helped open many new bars, trained up bartenders, and mixed many, many cocktails!

What’s your average day?

I’m all over the place – mixing cocktails at trade shows, showcasing new inventions in the office or on the road visiting prospects and leads.

What’s most exciting about being a Funkin Ambassador?

The perks. Getting out and meeting people who really care about cocktails and invention. Talking to people who are knowledgeable and excited about the world of cocktails. Funkin offers amazing quality and is a product I’ve always used so I’m happy to be showing it off.

I love popping into a bar spontaneously and showing them what can be made with Funkin. I always carry round: Funkin Coconut Puree, Funkin Jalapeno Syrup and Funkin Beetroot Shrub. Others I normally have are Guava Puree, Pineapple Puree, Strawberry Puree, Sugar Cane Syrup in the car.

What are your favourite Funkin products?

Rhubarb Syrup – unlike other brands, it’s not too sweet. It actually tastes like fresh rhubarb.

Pure Pour Lemon and Pure Pour Lime – they save so much time when working behind a bar.

Jalapeno – it’s so mental and so brilliant! Works so well – you can taste the Jalapeno but with no pain. It even smells like jalapeno.

What’s your favourite cocktail?

Mmm. It varies depending on the situation of course, but…

Day to day = a smokey whiskey cocktail.

Boozy day = Daiquiris.

After a meal = Old Fashioned.

What’s the key to a great cocktail?

Balance – you need to be able to taste everything. It also should be right for the occasion and season.  

Any notable new trends?

The shrubs out there are fun – they offer unusual flavours to play with. Earthy flavours. They tend to work well with strong flavours like bourbons and good gins. Bars are now making their own, but you can just buy Funkin’s!

Best cocktail experience ever?

I had the most incredible Pina Colada in a pineapple, on a beach = it was heaven (it’s all about the right serve at the right moment).

How you serve something and the theatre stays with me. Once at The Langham they squeezed a pillow of air in front of me as I drank and the different smells that wafted around made it an unforgettable experience.

Top tips for a cocktail party at home with friends?

Just offer a couple of different cocktails, not loads. I’d go for one Funkin Mojito and one Funkin Sour (with whiskey, amaretto or gin) – each made up in a big bowl from a few cartons of Funkin mixer, spirit and plenty of ice. Ready!


Gavin’s Cocktail Recipe:

Our Northern Ambassador brings you a bold bourbon cocktail using our NEW Funkin Beetroot Shrub.


50ml Buffalo Trace Bourbon

12.5ml Antica Formula

12.5ml Funkin Beetroot Shrub

2 dashes orange bitter

Shake over ice and serve in martini glass with orange rind/zest garnish.

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