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How To Crack Open A Coconut


How To Crack Open A Coconut

 Have you ever tried to crack open a coconut? It's not that easy! Some people do it with a drill, others use a machete. For those of us who don't own an electric drill or a machete, there are some other, slightly more accessible, household tools which can be used to bust open a coconut.

What you need:


Screw Driver


Step One:

Find the three little circular indents at the top of the coconut and carefully place the head of the screwdriver over each indent and tap the other end of the screwdriver with the hammer. This is the weakest part of the coconut and just a litle preasure should create a hole in the coconut. Make sure you keep the coconut upright and repeat this process on the remaining two indents. Next, empty the coconut water into the bowl until the coconut is completely drained. This may take a minute or two as the holes may be quite small and coconuts can hold a lot of water.

Step Two:

Now it's time to crack open the coconut! With the hammer tap the coconut around the centre, go all around until you find yourself back at the starting point. Depending on the ripeness of the coconut, you might only have to go round the coconut once before it splits open, other times you have to go round a second, third or forth time before it splits. 

The only thing left to do is enjoy the coconut! Whether you drink the water, cook with it, have a crafty afternoon with the shell, there are so many options, if you need some inspo, check out this Pinterest board we made!

PS. Be careful, we don't want anyone to hurt themselves! 

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