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Gin Cocktails

Gin Cocktails 

Gin cocktails have been popular since the roaring 1920s and are associated to some of the most loved figures in history. It was Gatsby’s cocktail of choice and F. Scott Fitzgerald was known to sip on a Gin Rickey, it’s a cocktail for the literati and should definitely be gracing your lips very soon. We love a great gin cocktail and have a range of classic gin cocktail recipes and cocktail mixers to make them with, so you can browse  and decide which one you’ll be sipping on. Gin cocktails can be sipped at your own roaring party, or they’re the perfect drink to unwind with at the end of the day. Let’s take a look at these iconic gin cocktails

Dead Celeb Cooler Cocktail

 dead celeb cooler cocktail

If gin is the drink of the classic literati then a Dead Celeb Cooler is its modern day equivalent. Mix Kahlua with some sweet vanilla vodka and a healthy dose of our Funkin Hollywood cocktail mixer and you’ve got a serious drink on your hands. Its deep red colour looks great with a wedge of orange in it and the recipe is easy to follow and make at home.


Ruined Daiquiri Cocktail

 ruined daiquiri

Perfect for those with a sweet tooth, the Ruined Daiquiri is choker full of berry goodness and features the delicious Funkin Strawberry Daiquiri. The Daiquiri is a happy drink that gives a much needed boost to any night and it tastes a little bit naughty with a dash of gin. Adding gin to this cocktail almost gives it an alter ego, its sugary rum counterpart is given a bit of a bite and it tastes even better. Take a look at the recipe and enjoy making it at home. 

Apricot Martini Cocktail

 apricot martini

Delicate and feminine, this light cocktail is mixed with lots of interesting ingredients. Notes of lemon are given depth with Funkin’s pomegranate puree, which is then shaken together with heady brandy liquor and gin. It’s a show piece and the ultimate drink to coordinate with your party dress or slinky evening gown if you’re feeling the 1920’s vibe! It speaks of another time and invites you to take part. With this cocktail recipe you’ll be transported back to the heights of the roaring 1920s.


Funkin Woo Woo Cocktail

 funkin woo woo cocktail

The Funkin Woo Woo cocktail mixer is so versatile that you can pair it with any white spirit and it tastes fabulous. The addition of gin makes it just as delicious, all you have to do is stir and serve. The perfect drink pre-party, post party or during the party. This drink is an all-rounder. The Funkin Woo Woo cocktail is our own addition to the canon of gin cocktails and we think it adds something extra special. Try the recipe out and enjoy it with our 100% natural Strawberry Woo Woo cocktail mixer.

Pear Cooler Cocktail

pear cooler cocktail

 This unusual cocktail is made with our Funkin William Pear Puree, and contains the spirit of the moment, gin. Pear adds a deep and refreshing note to gin cocktails, add a dash of lemon and it's the perfect accompaniment to a quiet evening in or one to impress your friends with. You could even enjoy a Pear Cooler Cocktail on the balcony or enjoying a quiet read in the garden. Check out the recipe and give it a go yourself. 

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