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The team here at Funkin have put together a list of commonly asked questions. We think we’ve covered everything (plus some fun extras at the end), but if you have a question that's not answered below, get in touch with us on Facebook @funkincocktails as we would love to hear from you.

Funkin Cocktail Mixer Shaker Range FAQ’s

Where can I buy a Funkin Cocktail Mixer Shaker?

Our new range can be bought from our online shop as well as Tesco, for a full list of stockists click here, you can also buy them from Amazon. More retailers on the way.

Why use a Funkin Cocktail Mixer shaker?

Our Funkin Cocktail Mixer shaker removes the need for equipment… you don’t need a shaker, strainer, muddler, blender etc. to make delicious cocktails. All you need is ice and spirit and a couple of glasses to share delicious cocktails with friends.

Does the Funkin Cocktail Mixer shaker contain alcohol?

No… they don’t as we think you’re the best judge of your favourite spirit to use.

How many cocktails do Funkin Cocktail Mixer Shaker packs serve?

Each Pack contains enough Funkin Cocktail Mixer to recreate 4 delicious bar quality cocktails, simply add your preferred spirit and ice.

Can I use different spirits than those that are recommended?

Of course, by mixing it up you can create a range of different cocktails, keep an eye on the site for Shaker Hacks.

How long can I keep the Funkin Cocktail Mixer Shaker pack once opened?

Once opened our cocktail mixer should be consumed within 24 hours

How long does the Funkin Cocktail Mixer Shaker pack last un-opened?

Our Cocktail Mixer will last 9 months unopened, check the bottom of the shaker for the best before date.

Where should I store it?

Our Funkin Cocktail Mixers can be stored unopened for 9 months in ambient conditions, but we’d suggest chilling it before use for the best results.

Is the packaging recyclable?

Yes, we try our best to keep waste to a minimum. Simply use the tear strip to remove the outer sleeve it is possible to recycle the main bottle.

Can they be Frozen?

Our Funkin Cocktail Mixer shaker packs can be frozen, and a great way to ensure your cocktails arrive to Festivals/Parties and BBQ’s chilled. For a shaker hack, add your favourite spirit and then freeze meaning you can keep it all in one container.

Are Funkin Cocktail Mixer shaker packs suitable for Vegetarians and vegans?

Both our Passion Fruit Martini and Skinny Mojito Cocktail Mixers are suitable for vegetarians and vegans, however the Strawberry Daiquiri is not.

Do Funkin Cocktail Mixer shaker packs contain any allergens?

No… our Funkin Cocktail Mixers shaker packs are allergen free

What makes a Skinny Mojito skinny?

Our Skinny Mojito uses a blend of sugar and stevia and sweetener from an all-natural source. When made with the recommended amount of spirit it provides a cocktail that is less than 100 calories. Although you can make with more spirit, it just won’t be low sugar.

General FAQ's

Where does your Funkin fruit come from?

As you’ve probably already guessed, fruit is at the heart of our world. In our quest to find the freshest, ripest, juiciest and tastiest ingredients for our pre-batched mixers, purees and syrups we’ve explored every corner of the globe throughout the years. The result? Persian limes from Mexico, passion fruit from Ecuador, mangoes from India and more – supplied by producers of all types and sizes.

Is there any alcohol in your products?

We believe it's important to let you add your favourite spirit to our drinks, so our products contain no alcohol. If you want a Pina Colada with whisky, go for it (although we'd recommend a white rum).

How many cocktails can I make from your products?

Our 750ml pre-batched cocktail mixer cartons can make up to seven cocktails (depending on how steady your hand is).

Our 1L pre-patched cocktail mixer cartons can make up to ten cocktails

I don’t want to purchase online so where else can I find your products?

Currently our products can be found in store at Waitrose as well as a series of wholesalers. For a quick link to our partners, click here

How do I create an account?

Click here to visit our registration page and join. As a member you'll receive access to trade prices, as well as our Funkin Loyalty Scheme where you can earn and redeem points online.

Why should I buy Funkin cocktail mixers over other cocktail brands?

Not to blow our own trumpet but Funkin fruit are the only 100% natural cocktail mixers on the market. We travel the world tasting hundreds of sun ripened fresh fruits and work with experts in all areas – all to bring you the best tasting cocktail mixers in the world. We also guarantee to never add artificial preservatives, colourings or flavourings to your drinks.

Why no additives?

We believe that you are what you eat...and most importantly drink. So we avoid putting any artificial chemicals in our drinks. Instead we go for natural alternatives – in the majority of our products this consists of simple pasteurisation.

Do Funkin products contain nuts?

None of our Funkin pre-batched mixers, cocktail purees or syrups contain nuts (except for the coconut in our Funkin Pina Colada, but that’s not scientifically a nut, apparently). You can contact us with any questions you have about another other allergens.

How should I handle and store Funkin drinks?

Our range of Funkin products offer convenience and quality with very little maintenance needed. In short, they’re ready just when you need them. Just store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight for up to 12 months (you can find a best before date on all our packaging).

Once opened our cocktail mixers and cocktail purées should be left to chill in the fridge. That is if you have any left...

How long do Funkin products last once opened?

Please note all Funkin products are delivered with a maximum of 12 months unopened (room temperature) shelf life. Once opened our products must be properly stored and used in the correct time:

• Cocktail mixers – once opened, they can be kept in the fridge for up to ten days
• Purees – once opened, they can be kept in the fridge for up to eight days
• Syrups – once opened, they can be stored in a cool dry place for two months

(Please do always check the individual expiration date).

Can our Funkin packaging be recycled?

Yes, please recycle. We do our best to reduce our carbon footprint here at Funkin so do join us in the quest to take care of our planet. After all, it provides delicious, juicy fruit to make more cocktails so loving back is the least we can do.

Just how green is Funkin?

• Funkin products are packaged in recyclable bottles, cartons and foil packaging.
• We have a comprehensive recycling programme in place at our production facilities, warehouses and offices.
• We recycle a wide variety of items, including waste paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and more.
• We are always working to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint further.

How do you make sure Funkin fruit is ethical?

We take our social responsibility very seriously. We love farmers and have spent more than a decade building relationships to ensure that we always pay a fair price for our fruit. This helps maintain a good relationship ensuring that we are at the front of the queue for the juiciest premium fruit for cocktails all year round. Mmm.

Can you freeze Funkin purees and mixers?

Sorry but no, we want you to enjoy our products at their best so recommend not freezing.

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Now we turn to some of the frequently asked questions of life, all in the name of fun:

What is love?
Coming home from a hard day at the office and drinking a readymade Funkin cocktail of course.

Does my bum look big in this?
No Never. Are you serious? You look amazing.

What came first the chicken or the egg?
We’ve decided this isn’t important. We have egg whites in our Sour Mix cocktail mixer so we’re happy J

Should I call him/her?
 If you're not ready to call, a text, Facebook message, Tweet, email or instant message should do the trick. We love technology!

Should I go to the party?
Yes! Always. Celebrate, have fun, enjoy, drink and be merry. But remember to always drink responsibly.

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