The team here at Funkin have put together a list of commonly asked questions. We think we’ve covered everything (plus some fun extras at the end), but if you have a question that's not answered below, get in touch with us on Facebook @funkincocktails as we would love to hear from you.

Funkin Cocktail Mixer Shaker Range FAQ’s

Where can I buy a Funkin Cocktail Mixer Shaker?

Our new range can be bought from our online shop as well as Tesco, for a full list of stockists click here, you can also buy them from Amazon. More retailers on the way.

Why use a Funkin Cocktail Mixer shaker?

Our Funkin Cocktail Mixer shaker removes the need for equipment… you don’t need a shaker, strainer, muddler, blender etc. to make delicious cocktails. All you need is ice and spirit and a couple of glasses to share delicious cocktails with friends.

Does the Funkin Cocktail Mixer shaker contain alcohol?

No… they don’t as we think you’re the best judge of your favourite spirit to use.

General FAQ's

What is the shelf life of products ordered through the website ?

Products shipped from our warehouse will have a minimum of 3 months shelf life. 

Are your products Vegan/ Gluten free ?

All our products are Gluten free

Non-Vegan products= Pina Colada lines(dairy) and Sour Mix (egg)

Do you have a recipe for ?

Please find all our Funkin recipes here:


How many cocktails will this mixer make ?

Purees/Syrups- dependant on recipe used

Funkin 1lt Mixer Carton - 10 cocktails

Funkin 400ml Shaker - 4 cocktails

Funkin 700ml bottle- 4 cocktails

Funkin cans- 1 cocktail

Are your products alcohol free ?

Funkin mixers, purees and syrups are alcohol free.

We also stock Stryyk Non-Alcoholic spirits. They can be used with our products to create  non-alcoholic cocktails.


Can you freeze the purees ?

You can freeze and consume them within 3 months. It may be convenient to freeze them into ice cube trays so you can take them out as and when you need.

How many calories are in cans?


Calories per 100ml

Funkin Nitro Espresso Martini


Funkin Nitro Passion Fruit Martini


Funkin Nitro Pina Colada 


Funkin Nitro Strawberry Daiquiri


Funkin Peach Bellini


Funkin Strawberry + Raspberry Hard Seltzer


Funkin Passion + Mango Hard Seltzer


Funkin Lemon + Lime Hard Seltzer 


Funkin Passion fruit Martini RTD Bottle


Funkin Pina Colada RDT Bottle 


Funkin Strawberry Daiquiri RTD Bottle 

95 kcal