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Different Ways to Mix a Cocktail

When it comes to mixing up your cocktail ingredients into an enjoyable lavish drink, it’s important you get the method right. It may be tempting to simply go at it with a teaspoon, but that just won’t fly – some cocktails need an extra bit of attention, and you’ll be glad you made the effort when the time comes to take a sip.

Check out these basic mixing methods for making your favourite cocktails. The cocktail love starts right here.


1. Stirring


Let’s start with the simple. Stirring is used when a cocktail’s ingredients are not too different in consistency; for example, mixing two types of spirits together. It’s intended to blend your ingredients for a good, all-round flavour; as well as acquire a consistent temperature and the right level of dilution.

Stirring is usually done with a long-stemmed bar spoon, which you can grab from our shop. However, any long-stemmed spoon (or even a chopstick) will work well if you’re a beginner or in a pinch. It’s also advised that you mix your cocktail in a separate glass before straining it into the one it will be drunk out of. This avoids excess condensation on the sides of the glass.

Try it with…

Strawberry Daiquiri
Mango Margarita


2. Shaking


Shaking is normally done when a cocktail’s contents involve slightly heavier substances (such as egg whites, syrups, creams, milks or liqueurs), or if the ingredients differ greatly in consistency. The shaking motion helps to break down the ice quicker, chilling and diluting the drink more efficiently. It also helps to integrate all those robust ingredients into the final flavor.

To shake up a cocktail, you’ll usually need a cocktail shaker. There are different types of shakers –the classic (used to make lots of cocktails at once); the two-piece, and the Boston, which is probably the most common. You can find the classic three-piece shaker in our store.

Once shaken, it’s usually recommended that you strain your cocktail into a new glass to get rid of any ice chips created by the shaking process.

Try it with…

Blackberry Collins
Passion Fruit Daiquiri


3. Blending


Blending is usually applied when making a frozen cocktail, or when the ingredients happen to be pretty chunky (e.g. fresh fruit). It involves the use of an electric whisk or blender (preferably high powered to avoid bits in your drink!) and helps to create a smooth, palatable mixture.

We advise that you blend your ingredients in the blender first, before adding your ice and continuing to blend (ideally in pulses) until you get a smooth consistency. Beware: this method is not for carbonated liquids – it could cause quite a mess!

Try it with…

Dirty Banana
Frosted Daiquiri
Peach Julep


4. Rolling


Rolling your cocktail is possibly the easiest of the mixing methods, besides stirring of course. It’s perfect for cocktails that require very simple ingredients, or are served ‘on the rocks’ (over ice), and doesn’t allow as much air into the drink or the ice to break down as quickly as with other methods.

To roll your cocktail, simply place your ingredients into a glass filled with ice, then pour it slowly into another glass (or shaker) and back again. You can do this as many times as you like, but usually once is enough to get the ingredients to blend nicely.

Try it with…

Berry Ripple
Red 7

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