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Caipirinha Cocktails

All of the best cocktails come from Brazil and the Caipirinha is no exception. Classically made with cachaça, there are many variations of this much loved drink, including our personal favourite white rum. Capirinhas are made with sugar can products originally and taste great with crushed fruit. The variations on this classic Brazilian cocktail can be found below. Even if you’re in the depths of winter, imagine yourself cocktail in hand reclining in the shade of the garden. It’s how the Brazilians would want you to drink it.

 Blackberry Caipirinha

Blackberry Caipirinha

 Image via Cookbookish.

The taste of an English garden, in a glass. This berry packed Caipirinha is so full of juicy goodness you’ll wonder how on earth you did without it for so long. Featuring one part white rum, lime, Funkin Blackberry Puree and Funkin Sugar Syrup this is a drink that inspires lazy English summer days. Find a good book and retire to a quiet corner somewhere, you’ve earned this cocktail. Serve it on ice for knock-out refreshment. Muddle, blend, relax.

 Passion Fruit Caipirinha

 Passionfruit Caipirinha

Image via Fraise Basilic

 A heady mix of sun-drenched fruits, reminiscent of an Indian summer. The passion fruit Caipirinha is warm, welcoming and nostalgic. Travel back to that forgotten summer holiday, lie in the midday sun – even if you’re indoors. The exotic notes of the Passion fruit Caipirinha will have you itching to book your summer holiday. Indulge yourself – it’s the lazy afternoon you’ve been waiting for.

 Lychee Caipirinha

 Lychee Caipirinha

 Image via Asia Bars.

 Delicate and ethereal, the Lychee Cocktail is a crisp take on the Brazilian classic. Find yourself a choice spot under a cherry tree in the park and indulge in this refreshing cocktail. The lychee take on Caipirinha isn’t as cloyingly sweet as the cachaça version – just make sure you add plenty of ice. Dash it off with Funkin Lychee puree and some Sugar Cane Syrup and you’ve got yourself a great cocktail. Take a look at the full Lychee Caipirinha recipe and have a go at making one yourself.

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