What is Agugu? January Cocktail Stories

Team Funkin’s New Year’s resolution? To spend more time in bars - admittedly not the hardest one to keep but there was a good turnout nevertheless. So, off we ventured to see what the best of London’s cocktail bars had to offer this month. Where better place to start than recently re-crowned best bar in the world, The Artesian. Hoping to draw some inspiration from the interesting use of culinary flavours we weren’t disappointed, with ingredients such as leather, curry, and mushroom used to create intriguing cocktail combinations. The warm combination of chocolate, chilli, and tequila in the curiously named “What is Agugu” (below) was a team favourite.

Next up was Basement State for some more dessert cocktails. The dessert and cocktail pairing menu was a real hit and our attentive host gave us some much needed guidance on the recipes and flavour pairings. The three cocktail and dessert menu special (available on a Tuesday night only) provided a great introduction to the menu but with vast selection of other desserts and cocktails to choose from, there are more than enough reasons to come back for another visit.

Dessert & Cocktail Pairing Menu

After some sophisticated drink-dining it was time for some fun with our good friends at Be At One, Soho. Before we could say 'Svenska Detox' we’d been given the customary welcome and our trainee bartender was hard at work on our '2-4-1 happy hour' 14 drink order without a flinch. It seemed appropriate to try the aforementioned cocktail that had been gaining so many column inches of late, what’s more it was interesting to see some of the ingredients we had seen in the Artesian, such as Kale, incorporated into the Be At One menu – healthy January all round!

 Svenska Detox

Some food for thought for team Funkin and some inspirational ideas to take back to Funkin Cocktails HQ. Roll on the next tour, all in the name of “research” of course.

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