The Top 10 Valentine's Cocktails

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or hopeless at being a romantic, Valentine’s Day is upon us and here at Funkin, we’ve got you covered. A ‘homemade’ cocktail is the perfect way to share the love, whether that’s for your partner, best friend (think Galentines/Ladentines) or family member. It shows consideration and preparation, even if that means nipping to Sainsbury's on your way home to pick up one of our tasty ready to drink cocktails. We guarantee you it’ll go down an absolute “dark and stormy”.

So here at Funkin we’ve chosen our top 10 cocktail recipes that are sure would please even Saint Valentine himself.  


1. Peach Bellini

If you're looking for a celebratory drink for Valentine's the peach bellini is the quickest and easiest way to turn your favourite sparkling wine into a gorgeous sparkling cocktail is with a big splash of peach puree. It really is as simple as that, but if you need a little more convincing check out our Peach Bellini recipe for yourself.

peach bellini cocktail recipe


2. Strawberry Mimosa

The mimosa is the perfect brunch cocktail, so if you're celebrating early this sweet strawberry version is the perfect "elevenses" Valentine's cocktail! With only 100ml of Prosecco (or Champagne if you're feeling really fancy), it's low alcohol enough to enjoy from brunch to dinner. Check out the full Strawberry Mimosa cocktail recipe.

Strawberry Mimosa Cocktail Recipe


3. Pina Colada 

Do you like Pina Coladas and staying home from the rain? We hope it doesn’t rain this Friday but what a great way to pass the time if it does. Like our own take on this classic song, we’ve also created our own take on this classic cocktail and we promise it’s a lot better than our lyrical prowess.  


4. Strawberry Kir Royale

We created this cocktail recipe for New Year celebrations, but there's absolutely no reason not to celebrate with one of these in your hand this Valentine's day. A sweet mix of strawberry, chambord and your favourite sparking wine (we love ours with prosecco!) Create your own Strawberry Kir Royale cocktail with Funkin.

Strawberry Kir Royale Cocktail recipe


5. Strawberry Daiquiri 

Another popular bar o’clock cocktail is the strawberry daiquiri, with its sweet, non-offensive characteristics. It’s an easy cocktail to make at home whether you choose to make it all from scratch or follow our easy Strawberry Daiquiri recipe. The only alcohol you need for this recipe is a white rum too, making it a relatively inexpensive drink to make.    

strawberry daiquiri cocktail recipe


6. Champagne Margarita

What's a Valentine's cocktail without a big helping of Champagne? Level up your drinking with this boozy mix between a margarita and Champagne. Our Champagne Margarita cocktail recipe combines tequila, orange liqueur and champagne for a grown up celebration drink!

Champagne Margarita cocktail recipe


7. Bubblegum Gin & Tonic

If you prefer your cocktails on the fun side, then you'll definitely want to celebrate your love with a Bubblegum Gin & Tonic. We know this isn't exactly a 'cocktail', but we can't miss this one out from our list! This super sweet mix of gin with our Bubble Gum Cocktail Syrup and a healthy splash of tonic (or lemonade if you prefer) is a sweet pink treat you don't want to miss! Discover how to make your own Bubblegum Gin & Tonic.

Bubblegin Cocktail Recipe

8. Cosmopolitan

Combining zingy citrus and sharp cranberry, the Cosmo is the perfect pink mix for this Valentine's Day! Served in a coupe glass for a really romantic edge. Our Cosmo cocktail recipe uses citrus vodka, but feel free to experiment with new flavours!

cosmopolitan cocktail recipe

9. Espresso Martini

Need a little pick me up after a long Valentine's Day walk? Or just loooove an Espresso Martini nearly as much as you love your other half? We've made it easy to create your own Espresso Martini cocktail at home, but if you want something even simpler, check out our ready to drink Espresso Martini cans.


10. Pornstar Martini

Ahh, we've saved the very best til last! The nations favourite. The wonder. The Pornstar Martini! Mix up one of these iconic cocktails and you're sure to be in the good books this Valentine's - plus, there's going to be a lot of prosecco left after that win!


So however you’re spending Valentines this year, remember to share the love and a cocktail or two... after all they’re best served everywhere.   


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