The Top 10 Valentine's Cocktails + 15% Off

Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or hopeless at being a romantic, Valentine’s Day is upon us and here at Funkin, we’ve got you covered. 

A ‘homemade’ cocktail is the perfect way to share the love, whether that’s for your partner, best friend (think Galentines/Ladentines) or family member. It shows consideration and preparation, even if that means nipping to Sainsbury's on your way home to pick up one of our tasty ready to drink cocktails. We guarantee you it’ll go down an absolute “dark and stormy”.

So here at Funkin we’ve chosen our top 10 cocktails that are sure would please even Saint Valentine himself.  


1. Apricot Bellini

One the easiest and tastiest cocktails is a slight twist on our popular Peach Bellini recipe. Follow the usual drill of puree followed by a generous pouring of your favourite sparkling wine, however instead of peach use apricot. Historically apricots were seen as an aphrodisiac and if it’s good enough for Puck in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night's Dream, it’s good enough for us. You can try making your own puree which wouldn’t take long at all or shop our premade apricot puree with next day delivery. 

Apricot bellini from Funkin Cocktails

2. Hot Pornstar Martini

One of the most popular cocktails out there, the Pornstar Martini has been the drink of choice in bars across the world for nearly 20 years. So why not try your hand at bringing this bar classic into the home. Our Hot Pornstar Martini recipe with jalapeno syrup also gives you something a bit different which will turn up the heat a little. 


3. Pina Colada 

Do you like Pina Coladas and staying home from the rain? We hope it doesn’t rain this Friday but what a great way to pass the time if it does. Like our own take on this classic song, we’ve also created our own take on this classic cocktail and we promise it’s a lot better than our lyrical prowess.  


4. Prickly Pear Caipirinha 

The irony in the name of this cocktail is not lost on us. We’re hoping that no one this year has a slightly prickly loved one to deal with, but what a fitting cocktail if so. This twist on the classic Caipirinha is tasty and something a little different. You can view the full recipe here and hopefully when served, the title of this cocktail will do just the trick in breaking the ice of any frosty (or prickly) reception. 


5. Strawberry Daiquiri 

Another popular bar o’clock cocktail is the strawberry daiquiri, with its sweet, non-offensive characteristics. It’s an easy cocktail to make at home whether you choose to make it all from scratch or follow our easy Strawberry Daiquiri recipe. The only alcohol you need for this recipe is a white rum too, making it a relatively inexpensive drink to make.    


6. Moscow Mule  

This cocktail might be over 70 years old, but we can tell you there’s still life in it yet. Again this is another classic, simple creation, using vodka, ginger beer and lime juice. Serve it in a quirky mug to give this cocktail a flair your flame deserves. 


7. Hemp Garden G&T

We’ve got another take on a modern classic here which is sure to be a conversation starter. The Hemp Garden G&T recipe calls for a gin and tonic of your choice (we use rhubarb gin), followed by the Funkin Hemp syrup, lemon and angostura bitters. Not only is this version just as refreshing as the original, but it’s sure to get your other half’s attention in case you’ve been struggling. 

Funkin Hemp Garden Gin and Tonic - G&T

8. St Valentine Mocktail

Not everyone will be wanting to drink alcohol this Valentine’s Day but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on the fun of making your own cocktails. So we’ve created our own St Valentine mocktail and it’s as easy to make as shooting the bullseye with cupids arrow. All you need is a cocktail shaker, a handful of ice, a glug of our white peach puree, a small capful of rosewater, 4 sprigs of mint and shake. Add to your favourite glass and top up with either sparkling water or lemonade depending on your preference of sweetness.  


9. Vodka Watermelon Cocktail 

In celebration of Galentines (Valentines for all of your girls!) we’ve added this cocktail with the idea of creating a big batch to share together. You can make this cocktail using our Watermelon Mixer which will make it super easy. Simply add our watermelon mixer, a double shot of vodka, a shot of triple sec, fresh lime and ice to your cocktail shaker. Shake and add to your favourite glass or punch bowl.   


10. Michelada 

Of course, you can’t have Galentines without Ladentines either. So this beer cocktail is a great way to make use of some of those popular Mexican lagers. Creating a ‘fancy’ glass or juicing the limes will be the hardest work you do with these cocktails, if you don’t have it in you to juice the limes either then we have the Funkin Pour Lime Juice, which has done the hard work for you! Simply add salt, pepper and chilli powder to the rim of the glass, add ice, a splash of hot sauce, your favourite Mexican larger and the juice of half a lime and you’re done.


So however you’re spending Valentines this Friday, remember to share the love and a cocktail or two... after all they’re best served everywhere.   


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