The Ultimate Funkin Cocktails Gift Box FAQs

Q: How can I place an order for the Ultimate Funkin Cocktails Gift Box?

A: Simple! Just go to and select one or multiple of the Gift Box sets available. At the check-out you will be given multiple slots to enter as many delivery addresses as you like so that no one in your life is left out from the Ultimate Cocktails and Karaoke experience! Just click “Update quantity and addresses” before heading to check out. 


Q: Can I pick-and-mix products which are to be placed inside my Gift Box?

A: Unfortunately not, the products in all of our Gift Box sets are fixed. However, our team has put a lot of thought and consideration into the Gift Box range and there are 6 very versatile options to choose from. 


Q: Can I place an order for different types of Gift Box sets to be delivered to the same address? 

A: Absolutely! If you wish to treat your loved ones within a single household to multiple Funkin Cocktails Gift Box sets, it can all be added to the basket.


Q: What are the delivery fees? 

A: Delivery of all Funkin Cocktails Gift Box sets is free! There is no minimum order requirement for the Ultimate Funkin Cocktails Gift Box sets. 


Q: I have a large corporate Christmas party coming up. Is there a limit to how many Gift Box sets I can order? 

A: There is no maximum order. However, we have limited stocks of the Ultimate Funkin Cocktails Gift Box sets so get yours while they last! 


Q: Can I use several methods of payment on the same order?

A: Unfortunately not. A single credit/debit card will be accepted at the check-out. 


Q: Can I order the Ultimate Funkin Cocktails Gift Box together with other products from Funkin website? 

A: Unfortunately not. Funkin Cocktails Gift Box sets are shipped from a different location than the remaining Funkin product range, which guarantees quicker and more efficient delivery . Therefore if you’re looking to add a few tasty pouches of Funkin Purée to the basket, you will have to place a separate order. 


Q: I need to order several hundred of the Gift Box sets to be delivered to my colleagues’ home addresses. Will I have to enter all the addressee details on the Website myself? 

A: For large orders with over 60 different delivery addresses, we will process the delivery details for the addresses you provide us with. 


Q: Can I use a discount code to purchase Funkin Cocktails Gift Box sets?

A: No discount codes or promotions are valid on the orders for the Gift Box sets. However, Funkin Cocktails Gift Box sets are incredible value already: e.g. the RRP of the Premium Home Bartender Cocktail Gift box is over £73 however you can get it from our website for as little as £60. 


Q: When will my gift box be delivered? 

A: During the pre-sale (November 18th-25th) your order will be dispatched on the 25th of November and you should have it delivered by the 27th of November. Standard delivery applies on all orders placed from the 26th of November onwards. Standard Delivery times vary between 24-48 hours on orders placed before 2PM. We would also like to remind you to be mindful of the festive postal delays which might be extended by the pandemic. The best practice is to order early to avoid disappointment. 


Q: Can I track my order? 

A: Absolutely! You will be notified once your order is dispatched and issued with individual tracking numbers for each addressee of the Gift Box. 


Q: Can I get an alcohol-free Gift Box? 

A: All Funkin Cocktails Gift Box sets contain alcohol. However, Funkin Cocktails Premium Home Bartender Non-alcoholic Spirit Gift Box contains a bottle of STRYYK Not Vodka (maximum of ABV 0.5% which is less than a ripe banana) so that you will be able to shake up an utterly delicious alcohol-free Passion Fruit Martini. 


Q: Do all of the Funkin Cocktails Gift Box sets look the same?

A: All of the boxes have an identical outer design, however they come in 2 different sizes in order to keep the products inside secure. A smaller box will be used for Silver and Bronze Gift Box sets, and a larger box for Gold, Premium and Premium Home Bartender sets. 


Q: Will Funkin Cocktails Gift Box sets have the look and feel of an actual present?

A: Most certainly! The Gift Box outer design is Christmassy and bespoke, while the contents are securely and colorfully wrapped and covered with silky smooth tissue paper to allow a proper “unwrapping ritual”! 


Q: Do Funkin Cocktails Gift Box sets contain any allergens?

A: Yes. The Gift Box sets may contain products which have dairy or sulphites in them. Please see the labels of individual products for allergen information. 


Q: Is the cocktail glassware included in the Gift Box? 

A: No glassware is provided inside the Gift Box. 


Q: Is Lucky Voice karaoke access included inside every Gift Box?

A: Yes, indeed! Each Gift Box contains an access code and instructions to unlock one month free trial to over 9000 songs from Lucky Voice. Therefore everyone in your party can take part in a virtual sing-along! 


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