Watch out! It's nearly Halloween so get your pumpkin carved and your creepy costume planned so you can scare those evil spirits/the neighbours away! Get ready for your Halloween party with me from super easy decorations to your party-approps outfit, not forgetting of course, the easiest cocktails to catch your guests off guard (are those teeth in my daiquiri?!)  Read my tips below on your beauty look plus a quick and simple dip your can make before your guests arrive. Then, head over to my blog to check out my freaky Funkin Fast Cocktails (quite possibly the simplest drink making process) and see what I'll be wearing this Hallows' Eve.

 Creepy Cocktails

For all your Halloween cocktail needs and to recreate the cocktails I have made, nab yourself one of Funkin Cocktails' amazing Halloween Party Packs to really get your ghoulish party started! These freaky Funkin Fast cocktails are easy as: ice in, spirit in, Funkin! Head to my blog to see more.

Bewitching Beauty Bits

It's party time so dust off those glitter nail polishes and dig out the hairspray! Grab all your mysterious dark nail varnishes and Halloween coloured lipsticks in your collection to plan your make up. Take a look in your make up collection for any old pale winter foundations to give your base a gloomy complexion. You can always coat your face in a shimmer cream afterwards too for a spooky shine. Be orang-inal with a pumpkin shade of lipstick rather than a burgundy and then go all out on the eyes with black, black and black. Lastly, I paint little flying birds with liquid eyeliner on your temples to add a bit of theatre to your face!

As for nails, here's where you can really have some fun (after all, you don't want to scare everyone away from the party with your make up!) I scoured Pinterest for inspiration (get ready for some serious scrolling) and found these cute stitch style nail art ideas. After applying a base coat, carefully paint the tips of nails in dark green, white or orange like a French manicure and then using a stippling brush or nail pen, draw a black line over the edge. Cross over with little stitches to sew your fingertips back on!

Once your fingers are dry, take to your mane! Whilst my hair may drive me mad 364 days of the year with its horizontal lying properties, I am pleased to be 'blessed' with a crazed mop come Halloween. Just blow dry your hair upside down and upwards and rub in some volumising powder in the roots and set with hairspray to recreate my barnet. Grab yourself some sweep-in/brush-out white hair chalk to create highlights or dipdye effects or go all out with a semi-permanent hair colour.

Freaky Food

Pop over to my blog to see how to transform a simple vodka and Funkin Cocktails 100% natural mixer into a creepy cocktail (Funkin Fast Cocktails to solve all your mixer-buying issues!) Quick cocktail making gives you at least half an hour extra to whip up some tasty treats for your guests! Pick up some easy-peasy bits like dried fruit (they always look freaky) and sweet shop faves of chocolate mice and gummy teeth. Nuts and seeds in jars are a more nutritious option to sweets and can be sprinkled into salads or grabbed by the handful. For snacks I stocked up on olives, the mouldiest looking cheeses I could find, falafel and crackers to make a rustic looking spread. If you're feeling like showing off your kitchen skills you can whip-up a super easy guacamole by squeezing avocado in with chopped tomatoes, chopped chilli, chopped coriander, a squeeze of lime and some salt and pepper. (Keep that stone in to keep it fresh!) Looks gross, tastes awesome!

See what I'll be wearing to my Halloween party plus some cute DIY decorations and freakin' easy cocktails on my blog!

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