Strawberry Kir Royale

Photo of Strawberry Kir Royale Cocktail Recipe

Strawberry Kir Royale Cocktail Recipe

You really will feel like royalty with one of these tasty serves in your hand! This strawberry kir royale mixes together the fresh taste of strawberry and raspberry with decadent champagne for a fizzy and fruity cocktail you’re sure to love. If you’re celebrating (and even if you’re not), we love adding some edible golden glitter or sparkles to the edge of the flute glass to give this serve an extra special edge.



  • Dip a flute glass in edible golden glitter or sprinkles.
  • Pour strawberry puree and Chambord into the glass.
  • Top with champagne or prosecco
There’s no need for additional garnish with this glittery edged cocktail!

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