Guava Daiquiri

Photo of Guava Daiquiri Cocktail Recipe

Guava Daiquiri Cocktail Recipe

An exciting tropical twist on more common recipes such as the Strawberry Daiquiri the popularity of Guava Daiquiris is on the rise. Guava juice is the main flavour in this cocktail, which is what gives it the name, it’s pleasantly sweet, with many people describing it as a hybrid between strawberry and pear… yum.  


  • Add a large handful of ice into a blender along with the rum, Guava Puree, sugar syrup and lime juice. 
  • Blend on high speed until you have a slush like consistency and add to your chilled martini glass. 
  • Alternatively, you can mix the ingredients together without ice and place in the freezer for a few hours until the mixture has a frozen slush like consistency, then pour into your martini glass.
Serve with a lime quarter slice

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