Classic Mimosa

Photo of Classic Mimosa Cocktail Recipe

Classic Mimosa Cocktail Recipe

The little sister to the Buck’s Fizz, the classic mimosa is made with the same 2 ingredients: champagne (or prosecco) and orange juice. The only real difference between these two classic drinks is the alcohol content - with Buck’s Fizz being twice as strong - and of course, you can enjoy a Mimosa any time of the year, whereas Buck’s Fizz is typically a Christmas treat!  The Mimosa is definitely a brunch-time favourite of ours. With 1 part champagne to 2 parts orange juice, you don’t need to feel guilty about a pre-lunch time treat!  Want to give your Mimosa a twist? Check out our Strawberry Mimosa recipe!


  • 1 part Champagne or prosecco
  • 2 parts orange juice


  • Pour a champagne flute 2/3rds full with orange juice
  • Fill with your favourite champagne or prosecco
A subtle garnish is all that’s needed to make a Mimosa pop. A simple quarter slice of orange on the side of the glass is perfect!

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