Ready to Drink Nitro Cocktails in a Can

Have you ever bought a ready to drink cocktail can from your local supermarket expecting the smooth fizzy finish you’ve come to know and love from your favourite cocktail bar, only to be left feeling flat?

We’ve created our own range of distinctly different pre-mixed cocktails to lift you back up. So, if you’d like to enjoy bar-quality cocktails anywhere, anytime, our Nitro Canned Cocktails will transform you into an on-the-go mixologist.


What are nitro cocktails?

Traditional bubbly beverages are carbonated with carbon dioxide, which produces the large-bubbled hiccup-inducing fizz we know and love from our favourite lagers and soft drinks. Nitrogen bubbles are 100 times smaller and longer lasting than CO2 bubbles, and this waterfall of tiny bubbles provides a uniquely smooth, velvety mouthfeel.

Have you ever had a smooth and creamy beer? Chances are your favourite ale has been carbonated with nitrogen. Or, maybe you’ve seen a cold brew coffee with a creamy ‘stout like’ top? These caffeinated brews are also infused with nitrogen.

Nitro cocktails are crafted in a similar way, by using nitrogen to elevate everyday favourites into a smooth lavish experience. Not only does this method improve the consistency of the drink, nitrogen also enhances the aromatics of the cocktail. If you love a classic espresso martini or a pink gin fizz, you haven’t experienced their true flavour profile until you’ve tried them with a little nitrogen in the mix.

Traditionally, soft creamy cocktails are created by adding egg white or milk into the mix. By using nitrogen to create this mellow finish, our top quality nitro cocktails are 100% vegan friendly.


Why choose a nitro cocktail can?

We believe a cocktail should be a completely different and luxurious experience than your everyday drink. We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that Funkin nitro canned cocktails deliver the best overall drinking experience, making them perfect for bars - who want to serve cocktails but don’t have the necessary tools or trained staff - as well as for anyone looking to recreate the bar experience at home.

We’ve always had a love affair with cocktails, and with around eight million consumers drinking cocktails on a night out, we can see you share our opinion.

All of our pre-mixed cocktails come in handy 200ml cans and are blended using real fruit and top quality liquor. Simply chill, rotate, pour hard, then wait 1 minute to watch the foam head form.

Whether you’re a professional bartender or an at-home mixologist, our range of deliciously fruity drinks are for you. Packed individually or in a case of 12 cans, with a 12 month shelf life.


Meet Funkin's range of canned cocktails

Our ‘nitro cocktails’ are revolutionary. By using these new and exciting techniques, we’re recreating the in-bar experience at home with credible, easy-to-use and top quality cocktails.

We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure they deliver the best overall drinking experience that can be enjoyed straight from the can.

Amaretto Sour Nitro Cocktail

Our Nitro Amaretto Sour cans combine a delicious smooth blend of premium lemon juice and Amaretto liqueur. For the full experience we recommend serving in a rocks glass over ice and garnish with a lemon wedge.

Funkin Nitro Cocktail can of Amaretto Sour

Espresso Martini Nitro Cocktail

Our Nitro Espresso Martini cans contain a blend of cold brew coffee, a hint of vanilla and premium vodka. Feeling fancy? We recommend serving in a martini glass and garnish with three coffee beans.

Funkin Nitro Cocktail can of Espresso Martini

Passion Fruit Martini Nitro Cocktail

A blend of indulgent passion fruit, a hint of vanilla and premium vodka makes up our Passion Fruit Martini can. Add the wow-factor with a martini glass and half a passion fruit.

Funkin Nitro Cocktail can of Passion Fruit Martini

Pink Gin Fizz Nitro Cocktail

Who doesn’t love a refreshing gin? Our Nitro Pink Gin Fizz cans combine light fruit flavours and premium juice to complement the London Dry Gin. Make it bar quality with a rocks glass and a lemon wedge garnish.

Funkin Nitro Cocktail can of Pink Gin Fizz

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