Q3 Cocktail industry analysis

Although 2018 is drawing to a close, we're still busy analysing consumer trends from Q3. With the help of CGA's Q3 Category Insight Analysis, we've pulled together 10 stats you may find very interesting...

  • The value of GB on trade cocktail market is up 8.6% on Q3 2017.
  • The number of on-trade stockists serving cocktails is up 3.7% on Q3 2017 to 41,000.
  • Over 1 in 4 (28%) of consumers say that they are drinking more cocktails than they were 6 months ago.
  • The use of sparkling wine (4.6%) and non-cream liqueurs (4.1%)  have increased in the share of serves. The past 12 months have not been so kind to White Rum, decreasing 2.7% in share of serves.

  • The Pornstar Martini (up 2.1% Vs Q3 2017) has officially overtaken the Mojito (down 1.1% VsQ3 2017) to become the No1 mainstream cocktail in Great Britain.
  • Top 3 winners and losers Vs Q3 2017 for the share of serves

  • Refreshing tastes are increasingly popular with cocktail consumers (up 1% Vs Q3 2017). Berry, fruity and creamy and coffee cocktails are the biggest losers, each down 3%.
  • 35% of consumer prefer classic cocktails to modern cocktails, however, 29% of consumers don't have a preference.

  • Cocktails are most often drunk on special occasions such as a catch up with friends (59%), a special celebration (57%) or family occasions (56%).

The rise in popularity of cocktails has been well documented in recent years. With value, availability and consumption on the rise, the trend shows no signs of slowing....long may it continue.

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