New Years Eve cocktails

Put the mulled wine down, it’s time to bring out the sparkles! 

New Years Eve 2020 is looking like it’s going to be slightly different than previous years. But, if there’s one thing we can always count on for celebrating the new year it’s having a great cocktail in your hand (hands up who thought we were going to say singing along to Auld Lang Syne). Unfortunately, we can’t go out to our favourite bar to enjoy a fizzy serve this year, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Become your own mixologist and try out some of these tasty serves yourself! 

If you’re feeling stuck for what to do this year, we’ve got you covered! We’ve outlined the top things to do to celebrate the new year from home. Whatever your plans are this year, make sure you do it in style with a new year's cocktail in hand! We love creating these special occasion cocktails, but if you prefer a classic, head over to our cocktail recipe finder. Check out our top picks below...


Drumstick Sour

Drumstick Sour Cocktail Recipe

Recreate the taste of your childhood with this sweet strawberry and vanilla cocktail recipe. Be warned - you’ll need to shake this one pretty hard to get that great looking two-tone effect! 


What you’ll need: 

View the full Drumstick Sour cocktail recipe.


New Year Old Fashioned

New Year Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

Who says you can’t reinvent a classic? We’ve swapped out the sugar syrup for the earthy hit of hemp in our updated Old Fashioned recipe, making it a must have for seeing in the new year! 


What you’ll need: 

View the full New Year Old Fashioned cocktail recipe.


Pavlova Fizz

Pavlova Fizz Cocktail Recipe

Sweet, sugary and sherberty...the absolute perfect addition to your new year’s celebrations, and what a great way to say goodbye and good riddance to 2020! 


What you’ll need: 

View the full Pavlova Fizz cocktail recipe.


Sherbet Buck’s

Sherbet Buck's Cocktail Recipe

If a Buck’s Fizz is for Christmas morning, then what’s for New Year’s Eve? A Sherbert Buck’s of course! We’ve twisted this classic mix by taking out the orange juice and substituting for sherberty Oleo Saccharum and passion fruit purée - yum! 


What you’ll need: 

View the full Sherbet Buck’s cocktail recipe.


Sip-ey Blue Eyes

Sip-ey Blue Eyes Cocktail Recipe by Funkin

This bright blue cocktail might look like something you’d enjoy on Halloween, but this sweet citrusy mix is the perfect mix to say hello to 2021! Plus, it’s packed full of prosecco...what’s not to love?


What you’ll need: 

View the full Sip-ey Blue Eyes cocktail recipe.


Strawberry Kir Royale

Strawberry Kir Royale Cocktail recipe

Looking to add a little French prestige to your new year’s cocktails? Then you definitely need to try our Strawberry Kir Royale. We’ve mixed together real fruit strawberry puree, raspberry liqueur and champagne to create this bubbly celebration drink (ps, this works perfectly with prosecco too!)


What you’ll need:

View the full Strawberry Kir Royale cocktail recipe.


Temperance G&T

Temperance G&T Recipe

Ok, ok, so this isn’t technically a ‘cocktail’ as such, but who says your new years drink needs to be alcoholic to be great? We’ve taken a classic G&T and given it a no alcohol twist with our extra tasty pink gin flavoured syrup. Delish! 


What you’ll need:

View the full Temperance G&T recipe.


Guava Daiquiri

Guava Daiquiri Cocktail Recipe

Here at Funkin we all love a daiquiri, but new year is for trying something new, which is why we love this twisted version filled with tropical guava. If you’re staying in this year, crank up the dial on your thermometer and party like you’re in Hawaii! 


What you’ll need:

View the full Guava Daiquiri cocktail recipe.


Kiwi Martini

kiwi martini recipe

Much like the Guava Daiquiri above, our Kiwi Martini is a fresh twist on the classic recipe. We’ve mixed our kiwi puree with apple, lime and vodka to create this bright green martini - you’ll never turn back to the classic again after this one! 


What you’ll need:

View the full Kiwi Martini cocktail recipe.


Candy Popper

Candy Popper Christmas Cocktail Recipe

One of our twisted Christmas cocktail recipes, the Candy Popper Cocktail is also great for celebrating at home for new years. A sweet mix of prosecco, strawberry and bubblegum syrup - you won’t regret mixing up one of these. 


What you’ll need:

View the full Candy Popper cocktail recipe.


And there we have it, our absolute favourite cocktail recipes for you to try this year! Don’t fancy making your own? Check out our pre-mixed cocktail cans and bottles, or our great selection of cocktail mixers and shakers for you to mix with your favourite spirit! 

We love to see your creations! Don’t forget to tag us in your posts on Facebook and Instagram.



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