Vodka Cocktails

Mango Daiquiri

A summer essential - the Mango Daiquiri balances sweet refreshing tropical fruit flavours and white rum...Yum!

Bloody Mary

Looking for the perfect hair of the dog recipe? Or just love a spicy tomato-based cocktail? Of course, it’s got to be the Bloody Mary!

Lemon Drop Martini

Do you love the boozy taste of a martini and the zing of lemon? Then the lemon Drop Martini is THE cocktail for you!

Chocolate Espresso Martini

Enjoy a grown up chocolate treat with our chocolate martini recipe - packed full of boozy loveliness!

Drumstick Sour

Relive the sweet taste of a drumstick lolly with this fun and fruity cocktail twist from Funkin.

Poison Apple

Get ready for your Halloween parties with this fun and tasty apple cocktail. No poison added - we promise!

Kiwi Martini Recipe

Strikingly green and extra refreshing, this twist on the classic martini recipe is a great way to experiment with new flavour combinations.

Strawberry Woo Woo

The perfect accompaniment to your sunlounger on a hot summer's day, the fruity and vibrant Strawberry Woo Woo cocktail won’t let you down when it comes to taste or appearance, the perfect summer tipple...

Cosmopolitan Recipe

Pink and powerful - the Sex and the City favourite - our cosmo recipe has the perfect balance of zingy citrus and a sweet, tart cranberry finish. Bliss!

Vodka Martini Recipe

Do you like yours shaken or stirred? Make your very own classic vodka martini with our traditional recipe.

White Russian Recipe

Enjoy a pick-me-up with this tasty coffee liqueur cocktail. This creamy treat is so good, we’re not sure whether to call it a cocktail or a desert.

Sex on the Beach Recipe

One of the best cocktails for summer days, the sex on the beach cocktail combines sweet apricot with zingy orange and cranberry for a twisted finish