sugar cane syrup

Kiwi Martini Recipe

Strikingly green and extra refreshing, this twist on the classic martini recipe is a great way to experiment with new flavour combinations.

What Game Of Thrones Cocktails Should You Be Drinking During The Final Season?

Winter is finally upon us for what looks to be the final time, and everyone here at Funkin has a different theory about what will happen in Game of Thrones Season 8. But we can all agree on what we’ll have in hand while we watch the story unfold, because we’ve matched the perfect cocktails to your favourite Game of Thrones family houses. Because, like a certain witty dwarf, we drink and we know things.

25 Days of Christmas

We remember when advent calendars just meant the ones with the chocolate, nowadays you have beauty advent calendars, beer advent...

Mango and Lime Punch

A deliciously tropical drink, combining mango, lime, pineapple and vanilla along with coconut rum. This long cocktail is the perfect refreshement for the warmer months.

Mojito Recipe

Delightfully refreshing rum drink

Strawberry Daiquiri Recipe

One of the three great Cuban cocktails