Milk Cocktails

Dirty Banana

The most famous banana cocktail - the Dirty Banana! A great cocktail to mix up at home this summer!

After 8

Why settle for an after 8 mint when you can have an after 8 cocktail? The perfect Candy Cane cocktail!

Matcha "Eggnog"

A fun twist on a classic, our matcha eggnog recipe is a tasty Christmas serve you’ll definitely want to try!

White Russian Recipe

Enjoy a pick-me-up with this tasty coffee liqueur cocktail. This creamy treat is so good, we’re not sure whether to call it a cocktail or a desert.

Cream of Rye

A delicious blend of Funkin Pro Hemp Syrup, coffee, Rye whiskey and condensed milk

White Chocolate Orange Cocktail Recipe

A sweet treat for an indulgent easter, mixing Funkin Pro Oleo Saccharum, Funkin Pro Pure Pour Lemon, Vanilla Vodka, single cream and White Chocolate liqueur.