Lemon Cocktails

Lychee and Peach Julep

Our Japanese twist on the classic Julep combines flavours of the far east with those a little closer to home, combining Lychee and our Funkin White Peach Puree.

Pear and Vanilla Cobbler

A delicious Asian inspired cocktail, featuring Funkin Pear Puree, Funkin Vanilla Syrup and Pure Pour Lemon with the aromatic flavour of Green Tea

Amaretto Sour Recipe

Perfect for night or day, an amaretto sour is a tangy cocktail with a hint of almond. This sweet and sour drink is so delicious that you may forget you're drinking alcohol.

Strawberry Collins Recipe

A sparkling combination

Disaronno Sour

A tangy cocktail with a hint of almond..

Don't miss a Beet

Whiskey, but not as you know it