Lemon Cocktails

Lemon Drop Martini

Do you love the boozy taste of a martini and the zing of lemon? Then the lemon Drop Martini is THE cocktail for you!

Valencian Hot Toddy

Spicy and citrussy, a Hot Toddy is the perfect drink to wash away any cold weather blues!

Matcha "Eggnog"

A fun twist on a classic, our matcha eggnog recipe is a tasty Christmas serve you’ll definitely want to try!

Bramble Spritz

Brambles are one of the most loved cocktails around! We love the combo of sour lemon with sharp blackberry paired perfectly together with sloe gin.

Gin Fizz

Shaken and not stirred Valentian Gin Fizz is often compared to the classic gin-based cocktail, Tom Collins. However, the introduction of a cocktail shaker and Oleo Saccharum syrup infused with the peel of Valentian orange makes it a lighter and a more effervescent twist.

Tom Collins

A classic gin cocktail that’s an exciting twist on homemade hard lemonade. The Tom Collins is the perfect refreshing cocktail for warm sunny afternoons.

Zombie Recipe

Fruit, boozy and oh so tasty - the zombie cocktail is a must-have mix for relaxing in the sun and for a boozy evening treat

White Chocolate Orange Cocktail Recipe

A sweet treat for an indulgent easter, mixing Funkin Pro Oleo Saccharum, Funkin Pro Pure Pour Lemon, Vanilla Vodka, single cream and White Chocolate liqueur. 

Body Snatchers Gimlet

This tasty Halloween cocktail is great to get the party started.