Funkin’s Halloween Cocktail Recipes

Halloween parties are the perfect time to experiment with new flavours and combinations in your cocktails. Check out our top Halloween cocktails here.

Grave Mist Manhattan

Fancy creating your own cocktails this Halloween? Our cherry flavoured Grave Mist Manhattan serve can be made at home or in a bar!

Amor Y Muerte

No tricks, just treats with this Halloween cocktail.

Body Snatchers Gimlet

This tasty Halloween cocktail is great to get the party started.

Corpse Reveller

A Halloween cocktail to get your friends talking!

Bram Stoker

Spooky cocktail in a conical flask

Crime Scene Martini

Discover our extra tasty raspberry and chocolate halloween cocktail - an impressive looking serve that tastes delish!

For Your Eye Only

An eye-popping Halloween cocktail