Poison Apple

Get ready for your Halloween parties with this fun and tasty apple cocktail. No poison added - we promise!

Funkin’s Halloween Cocktail Recipes

Halloween parties are the perfect time to experiment with new flavours and combinations in your cocktails. Check out our top Halloween cocktails here.

Negroni Recipe

One of the top cocktails around, the Negroni is the perfect mix of gin, vermouth and Campari. It really is as simple as that!

Gin Fizz

Shaken and not stirred Valentian Gin Fizz is often compared to the classic gin-based cocktail, Tom Collins. However, the introduction of a cocktail shaker and Oleo Saccharum syrup infused with the peel of Valentian orange makes it a lighter and a more effervescent twist.

Tom Collins

A classic gin cocktail that’s an exciting twist on homemade hard lemonade. The Tom Collins is the perfect refreshing cocktail for warm sunny afternoons.

Bubblegum Gin & Tonic

If you like your cocktails sweet and full of gin, then you’ll want to try our bubblegum gin serve!

Easter Robin Island Spritz Recipe

A vibrant blue cocktail that's the perfect treat for Easter! If you like a citrusy zing combined with a little bit of sparkle, do not skip this recipe!

Funkin festive Christmas cocktails

As the on-trades largest drinking occasion of the year, it's no surprise venue's start shouting about Christmas a couple of...