How to make the most of the Pink Gin trend

It's no secret that UK consumers thirst for Gin has seen a huge rise in the number of distilleries and bottles sold in recent years. Last year alone, consumers bought 66million bottles, a 41% rise on 2017 sales. The gin craze has opened the door for flavoured gins, a category that has been credited with attracting new consumers to the spirits category. Pink Gin alone has seen growth of 1,779% in value of sales Vs Feb 2018 and 2,194% in terms of volume of sales. According to CGA's Q3 2018 Cocktail Industry analysis, 50% of growth in the gin industry has been driven by flavoured gins.

If you fancy taking advantage of the pink gin trend, here are four serves to consider adding to your menu.

Pink Champs


  • 25ml Pink Gin
  • 15ml Funkin Pro Guava Puree
  • 10ml Funkin Pro Citric Syrup
  • 25ml Funkin Pro Coconut Puree
  • Top with Champagne

Shake and strain the ingredients into a Tiki glass. Top with Champagne and garnish with lemon zest and mint.

Mellow Tunes


  • 20ml Pink Gin
  • 20ml Asahi Umeshu
  • 40ml fresh cucumber juice
  • 20ml Funkin Pro Pure Pour Lime

Build over crushed ice in a Collins glass. Garnish with a Funkin dehydrated lemon wheel and a slice of cucumber.

Softer Serve


  • 15ml Pink Gin
  • 25ml Amontillado Sherry
  • 10ml Funkin Pro Hemp Syrup
  • Top with Mediterranean Tonic

Build over Cubed ice in a Bloom glass. Garnish with Funkin dehydrated orange wheel.

Pink Fling


  • 50ml Pink Gin
  • 15ml Funkin Pro Hibiscus Syrup
  • 25ml Funkin Pro Raspberry Puree
  • 25ml Funkin Pro Pure Pour Lime

Shake and strain the ingredients into a Coupette glass. Garnish with a Funkin dehydrated citrus wheel and a sprig of min


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