How To Make A Sherbet Cocktail

When you want a cocktail which tastes like candy; when your two favourite things are cocktails and candy; do you go to the sweet shop... or do you go to the bar?!

We have been working hard to solve that dilemma and have a new product to add to our Funkin Pro range: Citric Syrup!

What is Citric?

Citric is a natural acid which can be found in many citrus fruits, such as oranges and lemons. You know that tangy flavour you get when you bite into lemon? That's citric. It is also used when making confectionary to make regular fruit gums into fizzy / sour / tangy fruit gums. When it comes to shopping for candy, we go tang every time!

See You At The Sweet Shop!

Our in-house scientist and new product developers were inspired by sweets, candy and pic 'n' mix when developing Citric Syrup. As part of their research they ate a lot of sweets to help them perfect the perfect flavour and level of sweet and sour.

How Do I Make A Sherbet flavoured Cocktail?

Sherbet cocktails are super easy to make and they taste incredible! All you need is:

Shake it up with ice in a three piece cocktail shaker and strain into a chilled martini glass.

How Do I Garnish A Sherbet Cocktail?

This is a 'more is more' kind of cocktail! We suggest garnishing it with coloured straws, spangly cocktail stirrers, flying saucers and jelly worms.


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