Funkin Ambassador: Gavin Benton

Living, breathing and serving up Funkin across the North of England is the very talented Gavin. Always smiley and enthusiastic, Gav has been with the team for two years now as one of our most valued ambassadors. We grabbed him for a chat this week to discover more about him, what he gets up to on an average day and which Funkin products he loves most…


Before joining us at Funkin Cocktails, what were you doing?

Directly before Funkin, I was General Manager at All Bar One in Sheffield. Before that, in no particular order, I got a degree in Architectural Technology, worked in many bars, including Browns in Leeds, where I worked my way up to Assistant Manager. I’ve helped open many new bars, trained up bartenders, and mixed many, many cocktails!

Talk us through an average day for you!

No two days are the same, I’m all over the place! Whether it’s mixing cocktails at trade shows, showcasing new inventions in the office or on the road visiting prospects and leads.

What is the most exciting part about being a Brand Ambassador for Funkin Cocktails?

For me, it’s getting out and meeting people who really care about cocktails and invention. I enjoy talking to people who are knowledgeable and excited about the world of cocktails and since Funkin offers amazing quality products that I’ve always used, I’m happy to be showing it off!

I love popping into a bar spontaneously and showing them what can be made with Funkin. I always carry around Funkin Coconut Puree, Funkin Jalapeno Syrup and Funkin Beetroot Shrub. Others I normally have are Guava Puree, Pineapple Puree, Strawberry Puree and Sugar Cane Syrup in the car.

What are your favourite Funkin products?

Pure Pour Lemon and Pure Pour Lime – they save so much time when working behind a bar.

Pineapple Puree - It is exactly as it says on the tin. You get the mouthfeel you do with fresh pineapple without the wastage of prepping the fruit.

Lychee Puree - Have you ever tried making a Lychee Puree? No, Neither have I. you would need loads and they are not fun to peel. It's just such a great flavour and very fitting with the new Japanese flavour trend.

Hemp Syrup - it has a great floral flavour and works well with so much. my favourite thing about this is that theres nothing like it on the market so very innovative.

What’s your favourite cocktail?

It has to be a Naked and Famous, it has equal measures of Mezcal and Chartreuse (my two favourite spirits/liqueurs), Aperol and Lime.

What's your top tip for creating a great cocktail?

Balance is key, you need to be able to taste everything. It also should be right for the occasion and season.

Best experience you have had working at Funkin Cocktails?

BCB Berlin. With so many brands and bar experiences, being able to go to one of the biggest bar shows in the world is a great opportunity. We get to see all of the upcoming trends which inspires us to think about the drinks we are making, as well as being able to report back to Funkin HQ to advise on any innovation projects we should be looking in to.

Best cocktail experience ever?

Two different experiences come to mind. One is the time I had the most incredible Pina Colada in a pineapple on a beach that tasted liked heaven; it’s all about the right serve at the right moment!

The other is when I was in Venice. I was sat in a little restaurant in having a Negroni and the bartender told me to say stop and so he continued to pour all 3 bottles at the same time until the glass was full. Simple but amazing!

Top tips for a cocktail party at home with friends?

Just offer a couple of different cocktails, not loads. I’d go for one Funkin Mojito and one Funkin Sour (with whiskey, amaretto or gin) – each made up in a big bowl from a few cartons of Funkin mixer, spirit and plenty of ice. Ready!


Gavin’s Cocktail Recipe:

Our Northern Ambassador brings you a bold bourbon cocktail using our NEW Funkin Beetroot Shrub.

The Camden Beet

  • 50ml Buffalo Trace Bourbon
  • 12.5ml Antica Formula
  • 12.5ml Funkin Beetroot Shrub
  • 2 dashes orange bitters

Shake over ice and serve in martini glass with orange rind/zest garnish.

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