Here at Funkin, we just love a good al fresco cocktail; however, transporting cocktail gear and mixing up fiddly concoctions doesn’t tend to go well with camping.

Luckily, festival tippling doesn’t have to be all about cheap cider. We’ve got some cool tips and hacks that will enable you to slurp your favourite cocktails while sitting on that field watching the sun go down. So put away that shaker and leave the glasses at home – it’s time to get creative.

1.      Make a Camping Compilation

This trick from Angela over at The Mighty Mrs is for making sangria, but can be applied to any beverage when camping. Simply fill a large mason jar with chopped fruit and your chosen spirit about a quarter of the way up. Follow with wine (if making sangria) all the way up to the top and put on the lid. Chill for six hours or overnight, then when you’re ready to drink, just pop off the top and enjoy this deliciously summery concentrate with more wine (for sangria), or your favourite Funkin mixer for a yum cocktail.

2. Take a Handy Carrier

Those super-cute lidded jars with holes for straws are great for keeping the flies out of your drink when you’re enjoying that raspberry mojito on the grass. Although they’re made of glass (making them a little heavier to transport), you can also take them into the festival arena with you for holding any drinks you might buy from the bar.

Get yours from the Legend Cook Shop.

3.      Knock up an ‘Adult Capri Sun’.

This one is great for saving space and time, not to mention feeling like a kid again. Premix your chosen cocktails in individual clear plastic pouches (sandwich bags will work fine) – you can even add chopped fruit if you like. Freeze and store in a cool box until about half an hour before you’re ready to drink. When the drink has thawed a little, simply slide a straw through an opening at the top of the bag and enjoy your refreshing alcoholic slushy.  Genius!

4.      Bring On the Garnishes

You might think that the fiddly cocktail extras – such as ice or garnishes – don’t really matter when camping. But these can actually be what make a good cocktail great.

Get creative with your ice cube trays at home by throwing in berries, mint leaves, salt, or even cream and syrup. Not only will bringing ice give your cocktails that pleasing chill; you’ll now be able to enjoy then exactly how they were intended.

5.      Create a Mixer Dispenser

Your water bladder or platypus can double up as a fantastic Funkin mixer dispenser. To keep things nice and chilled, freeze the platypus when you’ve filled it with your choice of mixer and then use the tube to dispense it as it thaws. All you’ll need to add is your spirit.

The bonus? A platypus will fold up nice and small when it’s empty, meaning you’ll be leaving with a much lighter load than what you came with.

6.      Choose a Funkin Mixer

At Funkin, we keep everything simple by providing all of the fruity benefits in a single pouch serving of mixer. This means you won’t have to worry about transporting lots of ingredients to your campsite – you can simply pour and stir.

Try packing a few of our single serve mixer Pouches into your festival cool box this summer along with your favourite sprits. Easy, clean and convenient to transport, they’ll make sure you don’t miss out on your favourite festival cocktails this summer.

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