Garden Tiger Gin

What is your favourite gin? With World Gin Day coming up, we've been chatting and Gavin, our Brand Ambassador, told us about a tasting of Garden Tiger Gin he went to recently.

Garden Tiger is a Dry Gin made with 34 botanicals in the Cotswolds at the Capreolus Distillery (the distillery is named after the Latin for Roe (deer) that run around the local area and the gin after the day-flying Garden Tiger moth). It was recently given the prestigious label of The Whisky Exchange Spirit of the Year 2017 so it's certainly a gin to seek out and try.

Barney the owner started by making Eau De Vie when he came out of his career as a nature photographer, he delicately picks the fruit for each flavour, washing, peeling and preparing each by hand.

After a number of seasons making the different Eau De Vies he then ventured into gin. Barney would soak hundreds of botanicals in a neutral spirit to discover which gave the best flavours, then with each botanical would go through the different species to see which would go the best with the other botanicals.

The final product is created like this: "Hard spices, berries and herbs are soaked in our neutral British wheat spirit for 40 hours. We then suspend fresh blood orange zest and a rich mix of flowers and fragrant leaves above the liquid, their aroma gently extracted by the rising steam. 34 ingredients in all come together in a slow 7-hour, carefully guided distillation. It creates a sum much greater than its parts."

The dry flavour is matched with a lovely spearmint flavour which stays with you long after you drink it.

For a wonderful French 75 recipe, see our Facebook post from June 8th 2017, and find out more about Garden Tiger Gin here.

Let us know what you think when you try it.

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