Funkin supporting FareShare's fight against hunger and food waste in the UK

February marked the two-year anniversary of Funkin's partnership with FareShare, the UK's largest charity fighting hunger and tackling food waste in the UK.

FareShare re-distribute fresh, in-date food from the food industry to one of their 21 regional centres across the UK. This food is then distributed to charities and community groups across 1,500 UK towns and cities where the food is turned into a full meal.

Last year alone, FareShare collected 16,992 tonnes of food, enough to create over 36.7 million meals.

Through quiz nights, Funkin bar takeovers, raffles, movie nights, trade tours, bake sales and many more activities, Funkin employees raised £3388.50 for FareShare in 2018. This equates for 13,554 meals donated to charities and community groups throughout the UK. In the past two years, this total is just under £8,000 and closer to 29,554 meals.

If you would like to learn more about FareShare, or simply want to donate, visit



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