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Pink guava purée and apriconilla fleur de sel – a blend of apricots, vanilla and Fleur de Sel sea salt, giving the on-trade the opportunity to create unique cocktails to satisfy consumer demand for increasingly exotic and fruity flavours.

Funkin Pro Pink Guava Pureé is made from high-quality Brazilian pink guava to create a sweet, tropical and aromatic flavour. A difficult ingredient to source fresh due to its short shelf life and tendency to get damaged easily, the pink guava’s qualities are captured and maintained in our Funkin Pro pureé. This new addition to the range offers a consistent, hassle-free solution to delivering cocktails with this distinctly tropical fruit flavour.

With consumer interest in sweet and salty flavour combinations growing, Funkin Pro apriconilla fleur de sel Pureé offers a delicate blend of Madagascan bourbon vanilla, the sweetest French apricots and a touch of Fleur de Sel. The pureé, with its unique sweet and salty notes, allows the on-trade to create innovative cocktails by using only the finest ingredients. It is also ideal for achieving depth of flavour in simple classics such as bellinis.

Our Managing Director Andrew King said: “With the launch of our Funkin Pro pureés, pink guava and apriconilla fleur de sel, we are enabling our customers to have access to fresh, exotic fruits year-round. These unique and tropical flavours will spark bartenders’ creativity and enable them to develop new and innovative cocktails.

“Innovation is at the heart of every new product we launch and these new pureés will deliver sales in the on-trade at a time when consumer demand for fruity and unique cocktails continues to grow.”

The two new Funkin Pro pureés are available in cases of five 1kg pouches with a 12-month shelf life. They can also be frozen.

Three new cocktail mixers for the on-trade

Funkin Raspberry Mojito, Funkin Elderflower Collins and a new Funkin Sour Mix were launched in March, helping bars to produce good-quality cocktails quickly in line with the latest consumer trends.

With the Mojito remaining the UK’s number-one cocktail, we’ve added Funkin Raspberry Mojito alongside our original Mojito mixer. Using all-natural ingredients, it is made with high-quality raspberries balanced with English garden mint and Persian limes from Mexico.

We developed our Elderflower Collins Mixer in response to the growing popularity of gin and elderflower. Over the past two years, the gin category has seen a 28% increase in value in the UK with the Collins being the number-one gin cocktail while elderflower is one of the fastest-growing botanical flavours. Funkin Elderflower Collins is 100% natural, crafted using high-quality Sicilian lemons and British elderflower.

But we didn’t stop at that with the introduction of our new Sour Mix cocktail mixer using Sicilian lemons, Persian limes from Mexico, pure cane sugar and egg white.

According to the CGA Mixed Drinks Report, 61% of frequent cocktail drinkers consume sour cocktails. Funkin’s Technomic innovation report last year showed the popularity of citrus fruits on menus continued with a 26.6% increase year on year.

Funkin Sour Mix can be used with a number of spirits including whiskey, amaretto, gin and tequila, creating a wide range of cocktails for all seasons.

Our Managing Director Andrew King said: “Funkin is once again at the forefront of innovation working closely with our network of bartenders to develop mixers that are in-demand and respond to consumer trends.

“These three mixers, Funkin Elderflower Collins, Funkin Raspberry Mojito and Funkin Sour Mix, give operators the opportunity to upsell their customers with a range of quality and creative cocktails.

“Our mixer range now includes over 30 products and we are proud to be providing our customers with even more ways to offer consumers the great-tasting cocktails they are after.”

Funkin Sour Mix, Funkin Raspberry Mojito and Funkin Elderflower Collins are available in cases of six one-litre cartons and have a 12-month shelf life.


...and something a little spicy

Our new Funkin Bloody Mary Spicer offers a complete solution for Bloody Mary preparation, helping to standardise the drink and control the heat level of the cocktail.

Our spicer offers a balanced mix of spices, celery and lemon juice avoiding the need to handle several ingredients behind the bar, with Funkin Bloody Mary Spicer you can make the perfect Bloody Mary every time, simply add your favourite tomato juice and vodka.

Time was spent to ensure the right texture and consistency for pouring, and ensuring the balance of spice. We also noticed the preferred level of heat varies widely among consumers, so to overcome this we provide our spice with a simple application scale to satisfy any request.


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