5 Frozen Blender Cocktails to Enjoy this Summer

Need to cool down? These ice-cold cocktails are the perfect boozy treat. 

When temperatures start to climb a classic cocktail just doesn’t cut it… and when it’s warm outside, nothing beats a slushie - except of course a boozy slushie! 

Making frozen cocktails with Funkin is really easy! Forget those watered down cocktails that pale in comparison to their non-frozen counterparts, with our cocktail purees you can enjoy the same great taste with your ice cold mix. How? We hear you ask. Keep reading to discover the best slushie cocktail recipes and how to make them at home...


How to make frozen cocktails

There are a few options for creating your own frozen cocktails at home. The simplest way is to use a blender - pop all the ingredients inside and blitz until it’s at the perfect consistency. There are a few things to bear in mind with this approach. Firstly, we recommend using crushed ice rather than cubes, for a better consistency and a happy blender! You can usually pick up crushed ice at the supermarket, but if all you can find is cubes don’t worry, you can easily crush this! 


How to crush ice

While popping ice cubes into your blender will create crushed ice, this can be uneven and lead to a watery cocktail. Instead, we recommend wrapping your ice cubes in fabric and hitting it across a hard surface, and voila the perfect crushed ice. Not convinced? Check out this bartender secrets video


No blender? No problem!

If you don’t have a blender, that doesn’t mean you can’t still make an icy delight at home! Simply take the ingredients into a leakproof plastic food bag or container (substituting any ice for water) and pop in the freezer. By mixing in the alcohol they freeze to the perfect slushy consistency. It really is as simple as that! 


Funkin’s Fruit Puree

Want to make your cocktails even fruitier? Forget the mess of adding fresh fruit - with our range of fruit purees you can easily get a fresh taste in an instant! 

You can freeze Funkin fruit purees easily - simply pop the whole pouch in the freezer before the best before date. Or, squeeze into ice cube trays so you have ready-to-use portions. 


Top 5 Frozen Cocktails

Ok ok, we know the recipes are really what you’re here for, so here are our top 10 frozen cocktail recipes. You can also reinvent any of our classic cocktail recipes by freezing your fruit purees or crushing the ice. 


Frozen Margarita

The perfect boozy cocktail to cool down with at summer BBQs! 


40ml Tequila

25ml Lime juice (frozen)

20ml Triple sec (orange liqueur)

Handful of crushed ice (or 50ml water)


Whether you’re blitzing in a blender or freezing into bags, this classic cocktail is a great one to freeze. You can even make it even easier with our Margarita Mixer, which has everything to make the perfect frozen margarita - just add tequila and ice! 


Fancy something fruiter? 

The margarita is a really versatile base for a range of different fruit flavours. To switch up your drink all you need is 100ml of your favourite flavoured fruit puree. The Funkin range of fruit purees are made with 100% natural ingredients and the freshest fruit. Whether you’re feeling adventurous with kiwi or lychee, or like to stick to tradition with strawberry or raspberry flavours, nothing quite beats a Frozen Mango Margarita made with real fruit puree. 

Frozen Daiquiri

Another classic taking to the ice in style...


50ml White rum

25ml Lime juice

20ml Sugar syrup

Handful of crushed ice (or 50ml water)


With only 3 ingredients (we’re not counting the water) this cocktail is easy to throw together. You can mix it all together in a blender as is, or if you’re worried about premature melting, you can throw the lime juice, rum and sugar syrup together and freeze.


We can’t talk about a daiquiri without giving a shout out to the fruity counterparts! What would summer days be without a Strawberry Daiquiri in your hand, after all. Or, if you’re feeling particularly tropical maybe a Mango or Guava Daiquiri! It’s really simple to convert these classic recipes to the frozen side. Mix together thoroughly and freeze in freezer bags. 


Layered fruit fusion

When you just can’t decide which flavour you want, why not have them all!


Bottom layer

25ml White rum

25ml Banana puree

Scoop of vanilla icecream

Middle layer

25ml Vodka

25ml Kiwi puree

25ml Cloudy Apple Juice

10ml Sugar Syrup

Handful of crushed ice (or 50ml water)

Top layer

50ml Strawberry puree

10ml Grenadine


Summertime comes with a whole host of amazing fresh flavours, and sometimes it’s impossible to choose just one! This fruit-filled frozen cocktail combines the sweetest tastes of summer in one glass. 


To make this eyecatching cocktail, mix together each layer separately either in a blender or by mixing and freezing. Then simply layer into a large glass! Perfect if you want to show off, not perfect if you’re in a hurry! 


Prosecco Slushie

Celebrate the sunshine with a frozen prosecco cocktail!


25ml fruit puree

15ml sugar syrup 



Prosecco and strawberries are a classic combo, and we could have easily have made this entry a ‘strawberry prosecco slushie’- but where’s the fun in that? This is a GREAT cocktail to experiment with a wide range of different flavours. White peach is a fantastic pairing with bubbly wine, and we absolutely love getting adventurous with pink guava and champagne to really mix it up! 


Frozen Pina Colada

If you like pina colada...then you’re going to love this frozen version


25ml Coconut Rum

25ml White Rum

75ml Pineapple puree

25ml Coconut puree

10ml Sugar syrup

5ml Lime juice

Handful of ice (or 50ml water)


This absolute must-have summer drink is definitely one we’d recommend freezing the ingredients for first to ensure a really slushy texture. It will still taste utterly amazing if you don’t, don’t get us wrong - but with so much puree, it’s likely to be a fast melter if you don’t. 


As always, we do like to mix things up here at Funkin which is why we would also recommend giving our guava colada the freezer treatment! 

With BBQ weather right around the corner, we hope we’ve inspired you to give your favourites a chilly update this year! We’d love to see your creations. Head over to our Instagram or Facebook page to share your serves!

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