Five ways to cure a hangover

Did you have one too many last night and need some help to cure your hangover? We asked our in-house Food and Drink Scientist for five top tips on how to cure a hangover!


This is the time to indulge in all the foods which you generally try to avoid: carbs, starch, sugar and fat. Try eating foods like potatoes, bread, eggs, pasta, sausage. Try to avoid processed food as they will contain a lot of salt and this could dehydrate you further, instead cook from scratch. Also bacon might seem like a great idea, but it tends to have a high salt content, instead choose sausages as they contain less salt.


Try to stay hydrated with plenty of water. Green tea is also a great hangover drink, as is coconut water as it contains lots of electrolytes. Studies have shown that pear juice can be great for hangovers too!


If your hangover is fairly mild, head to the gym and sweat it out of your system. Once again, make sure you stay hydrated! If you can't face the gym, but you can manage a walk around the park, put on your trainers and get some fresh air and a gentle stroll. Whilst watching *hangover TV* might seem like an awesome idea, a walk (if you can manage it) will do you more good!


If you feel too hungover for the gym or a walk, it’s best to head to bed for a nap. The chances are your body is exhausted, so catch a few zzz’s and hopefully you will feel better for it! Again, it will do you more good than lying on the sofa watching films.

Don’t be too hard on yourself!

When you have a real stinker of a hangover, it’s easy to feel cross at yourself and feel annoyed about over-indulging the night before. Don’t be too hard on yourself, it is easily done and you will feel better soon!

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